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Oculus pauses sales of the Quest 2 to address headset foam issue

If you were abut to buy yourself an Oculus Quest 2, you can't. Not right away, anyhow. A new notification from the team indicates...

MMO Business Roundup: EA’s executive compensation, Facebook’s Oculus shenanigans, KRAFTON’s IPO

Welcome back to another quick roundup of MMO and MMO-adjacent industry news! Electronic Arts is still awful: Remember how EA shareholders voted against its compensation...

Oculus now demands you connect via Facebook for VR

While it doesn't seem like the virtual reality headset revolution truly swept the land as industry experts were expertly expecting a few years ago,...

MMO OrbusVR has launched on the brand-new wireless Oculus Quest

Has the virtual reality revolution taken hold yet? It could well be the final frontier for MMORPGs, but to date, we haven't seen much...
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MMO Business Roundup: Lucasfilm Games, Anthem sales, MapleStory Fest, and Oculus

Welcome back to another round of the MMO Business Roundup. It's GDC week, so it's no surprise that we've had so many business posts...

ZeniMax and Oculus have finally settled their multi-year lawsuit – out of court

When John Carmack and ZeniMax settled their long-running legal dispute earlier this fall, we noted that the companies were continuing to appeal how much...

The MOP Up: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds hits record concurrency (October 1, 2017)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...
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Oculus Rift price drops to $400

How cheap does a VR headset and motion controller have to be before you'll consider purchasing it? Facebook is hoping the answer to that...

E3 2017: Preta Vendetta Rising is multiplayer VR in the right direction

I have a love-hate relationship with VR. I've bought an Oculus Rift and the Touch, but don't play it much these days. Part of...
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Palmer Luckey departs Oculus

The founder of Oculus has officially left the building. Palmer Luckey, co-founder of the company, has left the company and Facebook (as the owner...
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John Carmack is suing ZeniMax for breach of contract as the Oculus drama lingers on

One round of the Oculus lawsuit may be over, but the saga isn't going away. Oculus CTO John Carmack is now suing ZeniMax Media for...
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Oculus drops the price of its VR headset to $499

Do you know people who would love to hook themselves up with VR headsets but balk a bit at the price? Oculus is making...
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Best Buy is pulling Oculus demo stations

The best hope for VR headsets to move units is indisputably in the field of demonstrations. That's really always been the hope that the...
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Shots are still being fired in the Oculus/ZeniMax lawsuit

All right. The Oculus/ZeniMax lawsuit ended, ZeniMax was awarded $500 million in Oculus money by the courts, and while the plaintiffs got less than...
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ZeniMax amends Oculus lawsuit to accuse Carmack of stealing documents and tech

Back in 2014, ZeniMax Media filed a lawsuit accusing Palmer Luckey's Oculus of essentially stealing trade secrets, code, and intellectual property in the development of...

WildCard recombines ARK versions back into one game, adds SOTF modding and VR

Remember back when Studio WildCard split ARK into two stand-alone games, Survival Evolved and Survival of the Fittest? Well, ignore that. The studio is...

EA is waiting to see how big the VR market is going to be

If you have your heart set on a Star Wars VR title, you'd better not hold your breath. Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen recently...
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Zenimax’s Oculus lawsuit will proceed to trial

Fans of the Oculus Rift might be disappointed to learn that judge Jorge Solis has rejected the motion to dismiss a lawsuit leveled against Oculus...

These are the companies that are trying to build the metaverse

Did you know that Linden Lab is hard at work on a sequel to its Second Life virtual world? Yep, it is, and Recode...

Crowfall promises VR support in exchange for 15,000 backers

Bet you didn't see this coming. As it ticks down its final Kickstarter campaign week, Crowfall has added a tantalizing stretch goal if the...