The Game Archaeologist: Six cancelled MMOs that I wish had launched

In my lengthy tenure writing The Game Archaeologist -- which dates back to May 2010, if you can believe it -- I've covered MMOs...

Make My MMO: The countdown to Elite Odyssey

This week in crowdfunded MMOs, we're less than two weeks away from Elite Dangerous' Odyssey launch, which means Chris did his final look-see in...
Small steps.

Elite: Dangerous explains the details of the First Footfall system coming with Odyssey

With the upcoming Odyssey expansion, players in Elite: Dangerous will be able to take one small step for their characters and one giant leap for playerkind...
Bad people.

Make My MMO: Elite Dangerous lifer? You’re getting Odyssey’s deluxe edition for free

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Elite Dangerous managed to outshine Star Citizen's $600 ship by opening preorders for next year's Odyssey expansion and setting...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Gates of Oblivion, Crimson Desert’s big reveal, ARK 2, and Elite Dangerous Odyssey preorders

We're updating the end with the big news and videos as they roll in! Even as our own awards have begun rolling out, the broader...

Ex-Riot developers found Odyssey Interactive, raise $6M in seed funding

While Riot Games seems to be shedding developers left and right these days, one good thing that's come out of this is the formation...

League of Legends announces Odyssey PvE event

Riot is bringing PvE back to League of Legends with a new event, Odyssey, which will see players boarding Jinx's spaceship, the Morning Star,...

SMITE takes players on an epic seven-week Odyssey

Feeling adventurous? SMITE is inviting all of its players to go on a multi-patch epic Odyssey beginning Tuesday. Odyssey 2017 is a seven-week event...

EVE Evolved: Should CCP start developing Walking in Stations again?

In all the time that I've been writing about EVE Online, one of the most common recurring comments is that the game badly needs...

The Game Archaeologist: Ultima X Odyssey

I think any MMO veteran has a private list of prematurely canceled games that he or she deeply wishes had been completed and launched....