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Old School RuneScape players threaten to riot over LGBTQ pride event

Old School RuneScape's playerbase isn't showing its best side this week. Motherboard reports that following the announcement by a Jagex employee that a small gay...

Old School RuneScape adds solo Inferno dungeon and lava fishing

Old School RuneScape has gotten a fresh update this week, and it's going to do its best to kick your ass: with a lava-drenched...

Old School RuneScape celebrates its fourth birthday

One of RuneScape's better and more popular experiments is celebrating its fourth birthday today. Old School RuneScape, the 2007-era version of the game that...

Old-School RuneScape gets hardcore ironman mode

"One life. One goal. Survive." If you fancy yourself a skilled -- and hardcore -- RuneScape player, then your ultimate test starts in just a...

Old School RuneScape bans players for racism, harassment

Old School RuneScape has had a brush with the banhammer. Jagex told players on Reddit today that an unspecified number of players have been banned...

RuneScape argues why MMO companies should offer classic servers

There's been this thing in the news over the past two weeks about a certain (illegal) fan-run vanilla World of Warcraft server and its...

RuneScape’s DarkScape will sunset in March

Jagex is retiring RuneScape's DarkScape "experiment" at the end of March. "DarkScape offered an intriguing twist on the traditional RuneScape gameplay, and the experimental mode...

RuneScape’s big 2016 plans include an expansion and graphics upgrade

RuneScape has a lot of years under its belt, and a lot of content under its hood. In fact, it's 15 for the former,...

Old School RuneScape opens the doors to the continent of Zeah

RuneScape's 2007 server enjoyed a booming year in 2015, and Old School RuneScape will be offering even more this year. The developers posted an...

The MOP Up: RuneScape’s big anniversary plans (December 20, 2015)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...

Old School RuneScape introduces Deadman Mode

Are RuneScape's 2007 servers not quite old school and hardcore enough for you? Well then, Jagex has a solution to help you keep your edge:...

Old School RuneScape tries its hand at e-sports

Old School RuneScape is gearing up for its first-ever competitive tournament. The contest runs from July 24th through July 26th, and it will feature...

Jagex addresses continued old school RuneScape DDoS attacks

Jagex has published a website update focused on some of the "more pressing issues" being faced by the Old School RuneScape community. The ongoing...

Old School RuneScape releases permanent F2P servers

Originally released back in 2001 when the MMO genre was in its infancy, browser MMO RuneScape has endured through over a decade of development...