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This may just be bad.

Old School RuneScape adds the ‘game changing’ option to resize spell icons

It's not just the Grinch that saw his heart grow three sizes bigger one day -- Old School RuneScape is giving players with poor...

Old School RuneScape adds Wilderness tweaks, talks forestry as RuneScape readies new quest line

If it's mid-week, it's updates to RuneScape and Old School RuneScape! We'll begin with the latest patch to the former, which has once more...

Old School RuneScape continues to adjust its reworked Wilderness in latest patch

Apparently Old School RuneScape players are greatly enjoying last week's Wilderness boss rework, but Jagex is not one to rest on its laurels in...

Old School RuneScape player cashes in eight years of grind rewards to max out a despised skill

Have you ever sat in awe of an MMORPG player's enviable levels of pettiness and commitment? Then you might be among those Old School...

Old School RuneScape releases its Wilderness boss rework and moves forward with skill polling

The Wilderness of Old School RuneScape is going to be very different for those looking to challenge its bosses as this week saw the...
Yeah, that makes sense.

Old School RuneScape player reportedly makes off with nearly $120K in cash thanks to an exploit

Exploits are a problem. Gold farming is a problem. Combine those two and you've got a giga-problem, and you've also got a story out...

Jagex details plans to beta test RuneScape’s updated account system starting January 26

Apparently the account system that powers Jagex's MMORPGs is at the end of its road, so the devs of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape...

Old School RuneScape makes targeted tweaks to its latest quest, adds more speedrunning worlds content

Now that the Secrets of the North quest has arrived to Old School RuneScape, the time has come for further content adjustments! Both the...

Old School RuneScape corrects issues with the Phantom Muspah boss encounter

Once players finish the Secrets of the North quest in Old School RuneScape, they can take on the new Phantom Muspah boss. That's kind...

Old School RuneScape invites players to discover the Secrets of the North today

The Mahjarrat storyline of Old School RuneScape continues today as the Secrets of the North update is live with a new master level quest...

Old School RuneScape previews January’s updates and shares poll results for 2023 features

This week isn't seeing the usual update to Old School RuneScape as the devs at Jagex are presumably still on a bit of a...

The MOP Up: Spellcraft reflects upon growth and development in 2022

The Spellcraft team, made up of former ArenaNet and En Masse devs, paused their work on the upcoming real-time tactics game to reflect on...

Old School RuneScape begins Christmas event, RuneScape teases necromancy skill for 2023

Are you the kind of person who likes to get spooky in RuneScape? Then you're the right player for the upcoming necromancy skill that...
Again, this is RuneScape.

Old School RuneScape’s Winter Summit unveils new quests, forestry features, and poll-driven new skill

This past weekend saw the Winter Summit showcase from Old School RuneScape drop a whole bunch of promised reveals for 2023's content plans, but...

RuneScape and OSRS suffer server rollback after another bout of login problems

It's unfortunately happening again: Both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape are having problems with login servers, only this time around it's forcing both MMORPGs...

Old School RuneScape layers on new features for speedrunning worlds and applies the last of Poll 77’s updates

This week has brought some new goodies to the speedrunning worlds of Old School RuneScape. Specifically, two new quest options are moving from "beta"...

Old School RuneScape compensates players for outage, details content fixes, teases Winter Summit reveals

Old School RuneScape is just bursting at the seams with news this week, do we're going to be taking a moment to condense it...

RuneScape outlines December’s quest and events, Old School RuneScape opens the Garden of Death

One game's festive, the other game's unashamedly aggressive. They're RuneScape and Old School RuneScape respectively, and both games have offered up information about what's...

RuneScape prepares for the holiday season, Old School RuneScape content creators battle for billions of gold

The holiday season looms large in RuneScape as the newest weekly update post happily points at its Christmas goodies. Specifically, players should be seeing...
Sure, you get a nod this year.

Jagex offers another follow-up on earlier RuneScape and Old School RuneScape outages

The beginning of the week in RuneScape and Old School RuneScape is typified by a weekly patch that adds stuff to do or applies...