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RuneScape on mobile and movement updates, end of Java support

The future of RuneScape's technology is the primary topic of the latest developer blog, which provided affirmation of the nearing end of mobile development,...
Cold times

The MOP Up: Monster Hunter World makes monster sales

We've known for a while now that Monster Hunter World was a beast of a game, both in popularity and sales. But it's good...

RuneScape’s new Executive Producer talks monetization as Halloween arrives to Old School

It's a transition week for RuneScape as Jagex has appointed a new Executive Producer for the game: Ryan "Mod Warden" Ward. It's a comfort,...

RuneScape 2019: RuneScape’s focus on community shines in Golden Globes and cosplay

What is RuneFest? We have reported on the announcements, but that's the convention actually like? As I had only attended RuneScape's 15th anniversary before,...

RuneFest 2019: RuneScape Mobile moves to early access this year with better UI, free gifts

RuneScape Mobile, your time is coming! Let's be real: As much as you love RuneScape, you likely did not lug a desktop to this...

RuneFest 2019: Old School RuneScape’s Morytania expansion, Twisted league, group ironman, and clans

What's in store for Old School RuneScape in 2020? Plenty. Before the big stage reveal at this year's RuneFest 2019, John Colgrave, product manager...

The MOP Up: KurtzPel is getting a dash of Lime

KurtzPel is getting its newest hero, Lime, very soon, and to lead up to her release the game is winging a CP and AP...

The MOP Up: Plants vs. Zombies goes multiplayer

Do you remember that quirky personality-filled Plants vs. Zombies lane defense game from way back when? Popcap has been expanding that series franchise ever...

RuneScape studio Jagex reveals the 2019 RuneFest event’s full schedule

With October a month away, excitement is rising for this year's RuneFest. Taking place on October 4th and 5th in England, the RuneScape fan...

The MOP Up: Skyforge hisses and burns

It's (sigh) mass hiss-teria in Skyforge these days thanks to Gorgonide forces invading the place. Gorgonide? Really? Devs ain't even trying these days. Anyway,...

RuneScape previews upcoming newbie experience, Old School RuneScape tweaks PvP ratios

Once again, we've got a nice meaty bundle of news items from RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. Let's dive in. The devs have offered...
This took some work.

Perfect Ten: MMOs that flirted with permadeath

This month, Dungeons and Dragons Online will be venturing where many MMORPGs have feared to tread: into the realm of officially supported permadeath. The...

The MOP Up: Nexon’s Project V4 aims to be the best-looking MMO in your pocket

Nexon gave a preview of Project V4 at a media preview event lately, and this fantasy MMO looks like one of the most shiny...

RuneScape talks banks, weapons, and player farms, OSRS talks Song of the Elves and Warding poll results

It's a whole gaggle of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape news. Seriously, an entire, weighty gaggle. Let's get started. RuneScape has not just one,...

The MOP Up: Ragnarok Online EU is relaunching

Ragnarok Online is changing hands in Europe, and as part of that, the long-running fantasy MMO is relaunching with a different spin under 4game....

RuneScape’s RuneFest 2019 picks dinosaur theme, promises ‘huge game-changing announcements’

We knew when this year's RuneScape convention is taking place: October 4th to 5th. We knew where, too: the Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference...

RuneScape’s Land Out of Time has launched – check out the trailer

It's a big day for RuneScape: Land Out of Time is dropping for the original-flavor game. Well, the most original-flavor version of the game...

Old School RuneScape ponders partnerships and puts it to a player poll

Old School RuneScape is, in its own words, "resolutely a subscription-only game," and as it's subscription-only game, one of the biggest things the devs...
Old and busted.

Old School RuneScape is taking aim at account security

You all have phones, right? Because you can use those to enable two-factor authentication for RuneScape, something that Jagex strongly encourages you to do....

RuneScape preps Breaking the Storm event, Old School rolls out Wilderness changes

This July, RuneScape's summer update The Land Out of Time will pull back the proverbial curtain on the temporally anomalous island of Anachronia, where...