open beta

The Division 2 has plenty to keep you occupied at endgame

With open beta right around the corner, The Division 2 is hoping to make a strong impression on the gaming community and make inroads...
Capital idea!

The Division 2 announces its open beta starting on March 1

Everything old is new again, and The Division 2 is following in the footsteps of its predecessor with the addition of an open beta...
It goes clicky.

Anthem starts its demos on January 25

Whether you're already so far on-board for Anthem that you've already pre-ordered it or you're waiting to see how the actual game works out, you...

MIA Online goes into no-wipe open beta on Android

If your name is Mia and you've been waiting your entire life to get the recognition you felt you deserved, then today is your......

Dauntless dev Phoenix Labs leads financing round to secure ‘a couple years of runway’

Indie developer Phoenix Labs, creator of cooperative action MMO Dauntless, announced this week that it has secured substantial funding thanks to "a Series C...
awesome show great job

Valve’s Artifact is delaying and cropping its public beta

Sometimes, shortening beta periods is a good sign. Sometimes delays on beta are... well, perhaps not a good sign, but just a necessary one....
Plus ce change...

Magic: the Gathering Arena is now officially in open beta

It turns out that people are very excited to play trading card games in digital format. So why not play the original trading card...
Finding a handful of daunts.

Dauntless celebrates first birthday with The Middleman and matchmaking update

It's been a year now since Phoenix Labs's Monster-Hunter-inspired MMO Dauntless first commenced its closed beta testing. Now, as the game chugs along through...

The Crew 2 jolts into open beta with the help of Red Bull as Steam reviews hit ‘mostly negative’

There's the waving flag for The Crew 2's open beta test, so get out on the track this weekend and take the multiplayer's vehicles...
Ship of (heroic) Fooooools

Ship of Heroes discusses the difference between Alpha and Beta

What makes an alpha? If your answer is "marketing jargon," you're not entirely wrong. But the team behind Ship of Heroes is going for...

Dauntless beta testers face staggering queue numbers

This just in: Dauntless is hot stuff right now! Hopeful testers, crowding in to try Dauntless' new open beta, quickly racked up massive queues over the...

H1Z1 has a huge debut on PlayStation 4 with over 1.5M downloads

Could H1Z1 be saved through the PlayStation 4? There is no doubt that Daybreak is banking heavily on the battle royale title striking big...
oh the pain, the pain

Legends of Aria works toward June open beta

Hope you haven't booked that summer vacation just yet, because Legends of Aria would like to interest in a fantasy holiday. The studio announced...

The Daily Grind: How long is too long for early access?

Let's be real here, there's no question in anyone's mind that DayZ has been in early access far longer than it should be. By...

SoulWorker Online leaves open beta, preps for release [Update: It’s launched!]

Say farewell to SoulWorker Online's open beta -- and hello to release! Gameforge announced that the import has wrapped up its one-month-plus open beta...
It is also not the same as a box in which a lady shows a great deal of skin. No idea how Dr. Skinner would have felt about that.

TERA kicks off a second console beta on March 16

The second open beta for TERA's console edition arrives on March 16th, but if you weren't part of the first test, you won't be...
Well, we go.

TERA recaps its first console open beta

So, how did the first open beta for TERA on consoles go? In brief, it went well. In more words... well, why not take...
Come on and hurt this.

TERA offers stress test rewards for this weekend’s console beta

The open beta for TERA's console edition has arrived, and as a result, the developers want the servers under pressure. It's the only way...
Play soulo?

SoulWorker Online opens its cash shop

We already know that SoulWorker Online will not be wiping characters before its full launch, and now we find that the game is going...
Working for the weekend.

SoulWorker Online will not wipe servers but will apparently be IP blocked

There are certain expectations you have when a free-to-play game is in open beta with a full launch planned for later. For example, you...