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I'm sorry this is the only long-form article you're likely to get, Twin Saga.

Twin Saga finishes its stress test and turns servers off before open beta

We hope you got everything you wanted done during the Twin Saga stress test, because it's done with now. The servers are coming down,...
Sneak and stab.

Revelation Online opens up founder’s packs for sale

If it's a free-to-play game coming out in the near future and it's got a beta schedule, you probably know enough to expect a...

AdventureQuest 3D has a truly terrifying Halloween event incoming

As a continuation of the AdventureQuest franchise, AdventureQuest 3D stands to inherit some traditions, characters, and even events. One such holiday reprise will be...
uh-oh, spaghetti-os

Paragon has entered open beta on PC and PlayStation 4

Has Paragon piqued your interest enough to keep you following the game, but not quite enough to shell out for a founder's pack? That's...

Revelation Online will boast giant turtle housing

Housing is definitely becoming more accepted across the MMORPG genre, so while it may not be a surprise that the upcoming Revelation Online will...

Winning Putt expands guild offerings, welcomes summer festival

Winning Putt is putting the emphasis on guilds (shouldn't they be associations?) with its big summer update. Guilds can now expand to 40 members...

Tree of Savior spotlights the Swordsman

"Dear Massively OP," we fully expect a fan to email us, "Today I was disturbed and perplexed at the sight of a jouster sitting...

Paragon grants extra rewards to PlayStation Plus members

PlayStation Plus players, it's time that your membership started paying dividends. Paragon thinks so, at least, which is why the game is doling out...

Golf MMO Winning Putt increases its level handicap to 35

Despite how you may feel about golf or even virtual golf, hopefully the world can come together to agree that the upcoming golf MMO Winning...

Kritika Online heads into open beta next week

Kritika Online is one of those MMOs that seem to take the "action" label very, very seriously, as it's always portrayed to be in...

AdventureQuest 3D is the cross-platform MMORPG that might hook you

If you're anything like me, you've hopefully realized that there can be just as much anticipation in your life over small, interesting games as with...

Surprise: Overwatch gives an extra day of open beta to all

Has your Twitter feed been inundated with talk about Overwatch this past weekend? You can thank Blizzard for making the game's beta open to...
Right, luv.

Overwatch open beta is live until May 9th

Tired of just watching the people who get to shoot their way through Overwatch in its more selective test phases? You don't have to...

Take a look inside Paragon’s $59.99 Essentials Edition

Paragon's insane take on the MOBA field is set to go wide when the game hits open beta this summer. The specific date for...
It goes the same as a thousand before.

ArcheAge enters open beta testing in China

The worldwide availability of ArcheAge takes another step forward as the game's Chinese client enters its open beta test. This comes after several different...

The Stream Team: Conquering more Chronicle: RuneScape Legends

Now that MassiveolyOp's MJ has tested out all of the available legends, in Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, she can focus on her favorites: the magic-using Ariane...

Dive into the maw of Doom’s open beta next week

The newest iteration of Id Software's demon shooter Doom is almost upon us. Doom -- the first entry in the classic series since 2004's...

Soulworker Online starts Japanese open beta next week

On the prowl for a new game to test? We might have something for you in the anime department next week with Soulworker Online. Soulworker...

The Stream Team: A look at Chronicle: RuneScape Legends’ beta

Tabletop meets CCG in Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, and now you can finally see just exactly what that means! MassivelyOP's MJ has been eager to show...

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends transitions into open beta

Advertising itself as having "no mana, no minions, and definitely no random number generation," Chronicle: RuneScape Legends offers players a different kind of digital...