patch delay

We'll get this right sooner or later, probably.

Riders of Icarus delays the Rift of the Damned update (again) until October 5th

If you're an avid fan of Riders of Icarus, you probably weren't happy when the game pushed its next big patch back by a...
Come fly with me.

Rift of the Damned patch for Riders of Icarus is delayed to September 29

A slight delay has hit the next big patch for Riders of Icarus, which was previously scheduled to go live on September 28th. The...
Really deep down.

The Division’s Underground DLC is live for the Xbox One and PC today

There's a secret war raging in the streets beneath Manhattan in The Division. You know, in addition to the very obvious war raging above...
Gotta go... well, mostly just away.

EVE Online delays its March update

Today was going to be the day that EVE Online dropped another monthly patch to its live server. It's not happening, though, and you...
She's on vacation.

Marvel Heroes 2016 delayed until January

Marvel Heroes has something of a tradition of rebranding now, with each new year bringing a new edition of updates and improvements to the...

Guild Wars 2 delays first-person view patch

Today was supposed to be the day that Guild Wars 2 entered the world of first-person views, but alas, it was not meant to be. ArenaNet Communications...