patch notes

Mortal Online 2 patches in mail, spells, and a city ahead of September stress test

Mortal Online 2's latest beta patch has landed this week, promising a new round of character content. StarVault says that the update has added...

Moonlight Sculptor merges servers tomorrow, previews content update

The future of mobile MMO Moonlight Sculptor is one of merging servers and extra layers of existing content according to the game's most recent...

RuneScape opens the Senntisten mini dig site and hands out free action bar presents in latest update

Last week RuneScape talked up the small scale Senntisten Archaeology dig site that was coming today, so it stands to reason that this week's...

Path of Exile’s next patch makes a number of changes to Expedition vendors

Either sometime today or later this week, Path of Exile will be getting its next patch, but as of yesterday players are able to...
This is probably my favorite of the outfits I got, which is indeed damning with faint praise.

Vague Patch Notes: The lesson hidden in the Astellia shutdown

A couple years ago, an MMO launched named Astellia. It was fine. It wasn't bad. It wasn't good. It was just fine. It was...

World of Warships adds submarines to ranked, a new Dutch cruiser to early access, and an anime crossover

It's been a long time since World of Warships first announced the arrival of submarines to the game in 2019, and over the course...

Swords of Legends Online is launching two new easy- and normal-mode raids tomorrow

Swords of Legends Online is due for a big patch tomorrow that ought to make raiders happy. The patch notes introduce the Waves in...

Black Desert’s Corsair awakens today on PC – yes, it’s otter time

Happy Corsair awakening day! She's got pirate hats, she's got gunblades, she's got adorable otters, she's got rapiers, she's got mermaids... wait. Wait. Go...
glargh and suchlike

Warhammer Online’s Return of Reckoning rogue server starts the second part of its Stronghold Saga

If you haven't been paying close attention to the Return of Reckoning rogue server of Warhammer Online, then you're probably not one of the...

Fiesta Online pushes out huge Realm of the Gods expansion

Gamigo's anime MMO Fiesta Online is having a heckuva month, as the colorful title just got its biggest expansion to date: Realm of the...

Star Citizen opens up the landing zone of Orison, adds new ships and ship features in alpha 3.14

Last night saw the Stanton system of Star Citizen expand by one more planet as the gas giant Crusader, and by extension the landing...
Bring a flame, we guess.

Frozen Flame adds its first dungeon along with a revamped ability tree and straw styles

If your video game doesn't involve going into a dark hole to kill a monster and take its stuff, what's even the point? Don't...

Dauntless adds in a random Escalation queue, new hairstyles, and a free hunt pass in latest update

Let's say you're firing up Dauntless and you want to jump into an Escalation, but you're not really sure which one you want to...

TERA Console adjusts dungeon monsters and applies several crafting updates in new patch

The newest patch out for TERA Console isn't a particularly large one, but it does apply a number of adjustments that players of the...

Black Desert tweaks stance animations, weekly quest resets, and conquest wars on PC

Black Desert's PC patch this week is a bit of a hodge-podge, but it's still gonna make you download a whole gig of content....

Dungeons and Dragons Online invites players to discover the Sinister Secrets of Saltmarsh today (for money)

Today is the day for Dungeons and Dragons Online players to get their boots mired in water, mud, and secrets. Today marks the launch...
We should really have prepared.

Vague Patch Notes: Blizzard may live on, but it will never be Blizzard again

If you want to chart the moment when Blizzard stopped being Blizzard, you got a really nice data point when J. Allen Brack stepped...

Star Wars Galaxies Legends just restored language-learning and expanded smuggler slicing

I have grumped before about logging into an MMORPG and having a mechanic upended so thoroughly that it's cost me days or weeks of...

TERA PC adds new dungeon content, new gear, and a new armor boon system in Build 108

PC players of TERA have a few new dungeon things to do with the launch of Build 108, particularly since there are two new...

Shroud of the Avatar revamps potions, adds new UI features, and brings new crafting recipes in Release 92

Whether you knock back refreshing potions, look at UI elements, or craft things, there's a little something for you in Release 92 of Shroud...