patch preview

Well, here's hoping, at least.

Firefall prepares for update 1.6 with more than a day of downtime

Here's the bad news for Firefall fans: the game is going down for maintenance on January 19th at 11:00 a.m. EST, and it's...

Shroud of the Avatar previews the towns of Resolute and Aerie

The new year is here, and it brings with it the promise of more content and options in Shroud of the Avatar. Not...
Creepy even by the setting's standards!

Diablo III previews Greyhollow Island for Patch 2.4

There are lots of different flavors of creepy in Diablo III. Obviously, players are dealing with a world of the demonic at all...
Blacker than the blackest black.

DC Universe Online reveals the conclusion to the War of the Light in Episode 20

The heroes and villains of DC Universe Online have been dealing with the War of the Light for a while now, but the...
War! Huh! Good gods, y'all, what is it good for?!

Skyforge is prepping the War’s Onset update for December 2nd

Boy, Skyforge has launched a lot of updates pretty quickly, hasn't it? But the game has to be quieting down now, and that......
To be fair, some enemies would fear a hatchet.

Final Fantasy XIV unveils a trailer for its next patch

The first major patch for Final Fantasy XIV goes live on November 10th, and as usual, it's packed with things to do. There...
Oh, this guy!

Final Fantasy XIV previews the main scenario and the Void Ark of patch 3.1

Final Fantasy XIV's first post-expansion patch is hitting the servers in about a month, so it's high time for players to start getting...
We are running out of roads.

Check out preview videos for the next Lord of the Rings Online update

Minas Tirith is a big deal in Lord of the Rings Online; everything bringing player characters closer to Mordor is important, and Minas...

Skyforge releases the patch notes for Aelion’s Call

The next major patch for Skyforge won't actually be available to play until Wednesday of next week, but you can find out what...
Just calling to check in on you and all.

Skyforge previews its next major update, Aelion’s Call

It hasn't been all that long since the first major update to Skyforge, but the developers are pushing full steam ahead on
anyway here's wonderwall

Shroud of the Avatar adds in instruments and fishing with release 22

Have you been thinking to yourself that Shroud of the Avatar would be better if you also had the chance to engage in...
What time is it? Why, it's Ignore Mechanics O'Clock!

Final Fantasy XIV’s anniversary broadcast reveals plenty of content for patch 3.1

Back on April 1st of this year, the developers behind Final Fantasy XIV made a joke about developing a strategy game in which...
aw jeez

Champions Online is letting players take a walk on the villainous side

Having an option to play a supervillain in an MMO can be tough, since supervillains are usually meant to have big skills and powers...
This was not actually complex.

Elite: Dangerous looks ahead to 1.4 ‘CQC Championship’ patch

Elite: Dangerous has held its first dedicated convention and is already racing ahead to its next major update. "We’re looking at weeks, rather...
These nightmarish creatures can be felled! They can be beaten!

RIFT teases the Nightmare Saga coming with next month’s patch

Lord Arak is not a nice guy, presumably. Sure, maybe he does nice things for his friends, has a soft spot for animals, all...
Yes, it's really weird to talk about Warlords in the context of a success, for me as much as you.

Everything you need to know about being on a boat in World of Warcraft’s next patch

The next major patch for World of Warcraft is pitting players against what remains of the Iron Horde in the Tanaan Jungle, but...

Dungeons & Dragons Online demos the upcoming Warlock

In the context of the tabletop game that gives Dungeons & Dragons Online its name, a Warlock is a class defined by making...
Barfalo Wild Wings.

World of Warcraft’s Ashran expands to a new area in patch 6.2

If you've been taking part in the battles over Ashran in World of Warcraft, it's understandable that you could be a little tired...
El barfo.

World of Warcraft previews the pets of patch 6.2

There's no reason to ask about whether or not you're looking forward to World of Warcraft's next major patch; if you're playing the...
She's still got heels on, because of course she does. And the other armor set is barely scraps covering a woman's nether regions, because of course it is.

Diablo III previews the armor, powers, and rift improvements of patch 2.2

Diablo III's next major patch is a quality-of-life patch, meaning that it's not going to come with a huge influx of new...