patch testing

So super.

DC Universe Online opens testing for the third part of the Death of Superman

Superman has died. Bereft of life, he's gone to meet his maker. But of course DC Universe Online isn't leaving it there, and players...
I consider myself something like a Priest.

World of Warcraft posts initial patch notes for patch 7.2 testing

The initial build of World of Warcraft patch 7.2 is up for testing now, but be fairly warned: It's not all of the patch....
Tire fires.

Overwatch puts its next patch up on the test server

Want to play with the next Overwatch patch before it's live? The game's next patch is currently up on the test server for PC...
But now, it's more money.

Lord of the Rings Online gives players the first taste of Update 18

The next update to Lord of the Rings Online is not here just yet, but it is in its testing stage, and that means...
Also, it's crazy random.

The Daily Grind: Are you reluctant to test MMOs you’re excited to play?

Am I excited, with some reservations, about World of Warcraft's next expansion? You bet. Am I happy to be involved with the testing? Yes....
Create and destroy alike!

PlanetSide 2’s next major patch lets you gather and build

The next major patch for PlanetSide 2 managed to sneak onto the game's test servers just before Christmas, but no one noticed. Thus, the...
We'll defend against whoever in the world we're at war with. Probably ourselves.

World of Warcraft 6.2 adds new dungeon difficulty, zone

If you thought the first major patch of Warlords of Draenor seemed a bit thin on content, you'll be happier with World of Warcraft's...