Still at a zero for sold ships that aren't actually usable, though.

Elite: Dangerous outlines the expanded variety coming to missions

Variety is the spice of life, and while it may not be the opposite of boredom, it's at least within throwing distance. The developers...

Check out a test drive of DayZ’s new rendering engine

You remember DayZ, don't you? It's not the only survival sandbox on the market any longer, but it's still in early access and being...
You may be my old favorite, but you don't get a free pass.

WoW Factor: Being positive vs. being honest in games criticism

Today's column is about the time I tackled my father and stormed out of the house. It is also about World of Warcraft. It...
Well, whose fault is that?

Star Wars: The Old Republic is launching the next story chapter on March 10th

With the tenth chapter of Knights of the Fallen Empire available to players of Star Wars: The Old Republic, the question on every player's...
Fashion is passion.

Final Fantasy XIV offers up a trailer for patch 3.2

Players of Final Fantasy XIV have 11 more days until patch 3.2 comes smashing onto the live game. That means more Alexander, two new...
Here we continue.

Final Fantasy XI’s February version update is live

The history of Final Fantasy XI gives you many opportunities to upgrade your weaponry. Did you think you were done just because the game's...
Sometimes we're all on the same side... sort of.

The Daily Grind: Is early access to content a good thing in MMOs?

Because I was subscribed at the right time, I had access to Star Wars: The Old Republic's next major story chapter two days early....

Ghost in the Shell Online spotlights Maven

Whom will you play in Ghost in the Shell Online? This week, the game is making the case for white-haired Maven, a talented special ops...
Needs a little lie-down.

Neverwinter’s Underdark lands on consoles, Maze Engine is prepped for PC

It's getting very dark for Neverwinter players on the Xbox One. One might even argue that it's getting underdark. Why one might argue that...
Nope, not illustrating this. Have a spaceship.

EVE Online patches in a new camera and skill point trading

The developers behind EVE Online work very hard to make sure that the game is pretty to look at. That's important. But you can...
No levels, but still levels just like always.

Trove’s new character power ranking system rolls out today

What level is your favorite character class in Trove? There are rather more answers to that question than you might think. Sure, there's the...
TIme to pay the pipers indeed.

SWTOR continues the expansion story with today’s Anarchy in Paradise release

It's time to get angry, break things, and start some fires in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Patch 4.1 Anarchy in Paradise arrives today, and...
Washington state can be a bit malicious, maybe.

Shroud of the Avatar previews structures, templates, and regions

The Shores of Malice are currently being designed for Shroud of the Avatar, but they don't look particularly malicious on a whole. Unless you...
On the plus side, good on these folks for always providing nice pretty images with every new update.

Skyforge releases Marsh of Knowledge patch notes

Skyforge is bringing you March in February. Specifically, it's bringing the March of Knowledge. The patch is called March of Knowledge, anyway, which seems...

WildStar’s new game director Chad Moore on the state of the game

Chad Moore is moving up the ranks in Carbine Studios; after a long tenure as the lore expert, Moore is now the director behind...

Elite: Dangerous changes how Horizons is sold, discusses patch 2.1’s focus

Are you confused about the process of upgrading from Elite: Dangerous to the Horizons expansion? Do you find it frustrating and unclear? Have you...
Sort of like jingles.

Final Fantasy XI prepares for its February version update

The story of Final Fantasy XI has come to a close, but the developers aren't done giving players stuff to do. The game's next...
This is the way the world ends.

SMITE rolls out Season 3 with a new map, new skins, and new mechanics

The third season of SMITE has begun! Will Brad reveal his love for Dylan? Will anyone realize that Rachel is carrying Simon's child? Does...
Like this, but a toilet.

Trove now allows you to make a toilet that lets you fly

Do you see the people flying in the header image? Have you thought that you want to be able to do that in Trove,...
The final frontier indeed.

Take a look at what’s coming in Elite: Dangerous’ next major update

The team behind Elite: Dangerous has a history of putting lots of stuff in each big numbered patch. While there's no firm date on...