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Flameseeker Chronicles: Speculation on Guild Wars 2’s gods and dragons

Let's just note upfront that this edition of Flameseeker Chronicles will have lots of Guild Wars 2 spoilers, including but not limited to the recent Living World S3E6 War Eternal. Also, wild speculation that may well be completely wrong. You have been warned!

Flameseeker Chronicles: Why Guild Wars 2 has my favorite flying mounts

When Guild Wars 2 announced that the central mechanic of its Path of Fire expansion was going to be mounts, a lot of people...

Flameseeker Chronicles: First impressions of Guild Wars 2’s War Eternal

After playing through Guild Wars 2's new Living World episode, War Eternal, which is live today, I am still speechless. This is, in my...

Guild Wars 2’s War Eternal living story episode launches May 14 – here’s the trailer!

ArenaNet has this morning announced that the final episode for Guild Wars 2's fourth season of living story content, War Eternal, will officially launch...

Today’s your last day to grab Guild Wars 2’s A Star to Guide Us for free

As we approach the final episode of the current Guild Wars 2 living world story, ArenaNet has been providing the earlier episodes of the...

Flameseeker Chronicles: A PvE carebear’s guide to Guild Wars 2 WvW and the Warclaw

By now, you’ve probably seen this hulking, armored cat bounding around Tyria. No, not my Charr warrior; I mean Guild Wars 2's new Warclaw...

Guild Wars 2’s S4E3 A Star to Guide Us is free in the cash shop tomorrow as the welcome back promo rolls on

We're barreling on toward the end of Guild Wars 2's fourth living story season with the War Eternal episode launching... well, we don't know...

Guild Wars 2: Dragon mounts in War Eternal, living world mini-event, Ritualist outfit datamining, and new short story

Guild Wars 2 is getting yet another mount: the Skyscale. As detailed by Eurogamer today, what sets this particular dragon (yes, sorry everyone, it's a...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Stories Guild Wars 2 could tell without dragons

Thus far, Guild Wars 2’s story has revolved largely around the six elder dragons. The base game’s personal story crescendoed with the slaying of...

Guild Wars 2 begins return-to-Tyria initiative with free episode and big Path of Fire sale

At the end of last week, ArenaNet announced its plans for a new five-week Guild Wars 2 initiative that's intended to bring players back...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Fear not this night – there is hope for Guild Wars 2’s future

The last two weeks of February were devastating to the Guild Wars 2 community. Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet announced the layoffs of nearly...

Guild Wars 2 is releasing a new cat mount – but only through world vs. world PvP

Guild Wars 2 WvWvW players, today is finally your day to crow. Or growl. It's more like a growl, yeah. That's because the game's...

The Stream Team: Going on Guild Wars 2 adventures

Now that Massively OP's MJ finally has her bunny mount, she can hop into more adventure in Guild Wars 2. And it's adventure time!...
This is the griffon.

Massively OP’s Weirdest MMORPG Stories of 2018: We interviewed a what?

Today we're continuing our countdown of Massively OP's weirdest MMORPG stories of 2018! Coming in at #3 on our list is that time Eliot interviewed a statue of a griffon while getting in digs on how bad PAX East is.

Guild Wars 2’s next living world episode, A Star To Guide Us, launches September 18 – here’s the trailer

It's a bit weird for this to be coming out on a not-Tuesday, but who cares, we'll take it: ArenaNet just dropped the trailer...

Guild Wars 2: New systems team, outfit vouchers, PvP updates, Revenant overhaul, and anniversary sales

One of my big grumps with Guild Wars 2 and plenty of other MMORPG cash shops is the time-limited items. The stuff I want...
Oh gosh why.

The Daily Grind: How early should an MMORPG’s hype cycle begin?

GIbiz put out an interesting piece this week looking 10 years into the past to see where the buzz was in the game industry...

Battle Bards Episode 123: Guild Wars 2’s Path of Fire

With eagerness in their hearts, the Battle Bards rush toward another Guild Wars 2 soundtrack, ready to bask in the aural glory of this...

ArenaNet on Guild Wars 2’s living story, Heart of Thorns vs. Path of Fire, security, and momentum

Though ArenaNet was technically at E3 this year, the group representing Guild Wars 2 was chiefly a marketing and business one, so they carted our interview...

Guild Wars 2’s next episode, Long Live the Lich, launches June 26 – here’s the trailer (finally!)

Who had June 26th for Guild Wars 2's next big thing? Oh, everyone? Because we had gobs of time to speculate in the delay...