pax east 2017

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Where you at, ArenaNet?

The Daily Grind: What were you disappointed to not hear about from PAX East?

As the man on the ground at PAX East this year (and every year), I bear the brunt of your displeasure if there was...

PAX East 2017: Introducing Rend, a three-way survival sandbox from Frostkeep Studios

I don't really like survival games, typically -- I understand why a lot of people do like them, don't get me wrong, but I don't...

PAX East 2017: Citadel Studios on Shards Online’s switch to Legends of Aria

Big changes for MMOs frequently involve giving up almost as much as you gain. Not so with Legends of Aria, the not-actually-new title from...
Sol Badguy comparisons seem apt.

PAX East 2017: Hands-on with the surprisingly fun Kritika Online

It's pretty much a rule of nature that at least one game is going to be far better and more fun to play than...
Ramp everything.

PAX East 2017: Jumping and climbing through Chronicles of Elyria’s pre-alpha

I admit to my weakness: Despite years and years of games using it again and again, I still enjoy the simple gameplay benefits of...
New content rarely has videos.

PAX East 2017: Final Fantasy XIV’s Q&A panel

At the time of this writing, there's just over a hundred days until Stormblood launches, expanding the world of Final Fantasy XIV for the...
ahhhhh tentacles ahhhhh

PAX East 2017: Talking Conan Exiles on the show floor with Funcom

If you're a fan of Funcom and the games it makes, Conan Exiles probably has you breathing a bit easier than you have in a...

PAX East 2017: En Masse tells us all about TERA’s console port

Putting TERA on consoles seems like it's the most obvious combination of games and platforms ever conceived. Even more than Super Mario Bros. and...
Just so we're clear, I did not put this picture here to make a subtle point. It's not subtle at all.

Star Citizen unlocks Sabre for free flight this weekend, talks about Star Marine weapons and economic chain

In honor of PAX East this weekend, Star Citizen has unlocked its Sabre fighter for anyone to try. You'll just need to use the...
Iconic or no, I just don't care.

PAX East 2017: Naoki Yoshida on Final Fantasy XIV’s new jobs, old jobs, and future patches

It would be fair to say that Final Fantasy XIV fans treat Naoki Yoshida like a rock star, and he carries himself like one:...

PAX East 2017: Elite Dangerous and its ‘slightly cowboy free-for-all’

Frontier is hyping Elite Dangerous' expected Q2 PS4 release at this year's PAX East (colon still MIA, sorry), complete with confirmed HOTAS support. Frontier's...

PAX East 2017: Dauntless reveals new trailer, plans 2017 launch

Keeping an ear to the ground for Dauntless news? You should be: It's a co-op ARPG from Phoenix Labs, an indie studio made up...

PAX East 2017: TERA is coming to Xbox One and PS4 this year

Remember those rumors last year about a console port for TERA, buffeted by the surveys to selected TERA players about which consoles they play...
birb are the wirb

The Daily Grind: What MMO news are you hoping for from PAX East?

It's that time of year again when I go shipping up to Boston, because I live the closest and thus must continue to cover...
This is fine.

PAX East 2017: Chronicles of Elyria teases its PAX demo

Chronicles of Elyria's devs recently streamed a "speed-run" version of their planned PAX East demo for players. But we think that to really get...

PAX East 2017: Shards Online changes its name to Legends of Aria and goes full MMORPG

Shards Online is no more: The game is now officially called Legends of Aria. Better still? It's now being marketed by Citadel Studios as...
A very short marathon.

LawBreakers plans closed beta weekend in March

Hey, remember LawBreakers? The Nexon-produced, CliffyB-designed online shooter that went semi-dormant last summer following alpha with plans to retool itself before beta? We already...
oh boy

Chronicles of Elyria shores up PAX East demo, hires WoW cinematic artist

The clock is ticking down to PAX East on March 10th, and the Chronicles of Elyria team is whipping itself up into a frenzy...

Conan Exiles is bringing up new European servers, already looms over PAX East

Funcom announced today that it's found a partner to host its Conan Exiles servers in Europe: G-Portal. "This week the remaining European servers for Conan...

The Elder Scrolls Online is headed to PAX East

Good news, at least if you're headed to PAX East in Boston on March 10th: ZeniMax announced this afternoon that Bethsoft is bringing The...