pax west 2019

PAX West 2019: Examining mental health and community in upcoming MMO Destiny’s Sword

Eager players packed the Washington State Convention Center at this year's PAX West, each greeted with games ranging from high-profile triple-A titles to more...

PAX West 2019: A first dip into Elder Scroll Online’s Dragonhold DLC

The Elder Scrolls Online community event in Seattle at this year's PAX West was one of many firsts for me. For one, this was the...

PAX West 2019: Elder Scrolls Online’s Rich Lambert on performance, LFG, and dragons

"Oh man! A new Skyrim!?" proclaimed an eager con-goer as I waited outside The First & Bell in Seattle. As I entered, the venue...
Minnesota is hard done by here.

Guild Wars 2 studio says it ‘knows that there’s a demand for an expansion’

One of the tidbits of info we confirmed back when ArenaNet lost a third of its studio staff back in February was that Guild...

Elder Scrolls Online is previewing the Dragonhold DLC at this month’s PAX West

With the Scalebreaker DLC out the door earlier this month, Elder Scrolls Online's vaunted "Year of the Dragon" has just one more big update...

Guild Wars 2 is plotting a big living world announcement during PAX on August 30

If you've been keeping a finger on the pulse of the Guild Wars 2 community the last month or so, you know there's been...