Elder Scrolls Online is previewing the Dragonhold DLC at this month’s PAX West

With the Scalebreaker DLC out the door earlier this month, Elder Scrolls Online's vaunted "Year of the Dragon" has just one more...

Gamescom 2019’s most interesting multiplayer announcements so far

Here's what we've got our eye on multiplayer-wise after the opening night of Gamescom this year - everything from Monster Hunter World Icebourne and Google Stadia missteps to multiplayer Kerbals and Swedish heavy metal rock bands.

Final Fantasy XIV is giving away starter editions at PAX West alongside the Titania challenge

When Final Fantasy XIV arrives at PAX West this year, the game's staff won't just be challenging players to take on Titania...

Massively Overthinking: Thoughts and predictions on Guild Wars 2’s next big thing

Last week, Guild Wars 2 put an end to the whining about info droughts by promising a big reveal of living story...

Guild Wars 2 is plotting a big living world announcement during PAX on August 30

If you've been keeping a finger on the pulse of the Guild Wars 2 community the last month or so, you know there's...
Leashes? We don't need no stinkin'... oh, never mind.

Bless Unleashed has kicked off another closed beta for Xbox One testers – check out the patch notes

Bless Unleashed's latest closed beta on Xbox One is now officially underway. While preloading for the beta was originally supposed to begin last...

MMO strategy title Destiny’s Sword fully funded its $23K Kickstarter this weekend

We dropped a brief mention of Destiny's Sword's successful Kickstarter funding in our recent crowdfunding column, but it's official now: The unusual...
We're actual size, but it seems much bigger to see.

WoW Factor: Why do people remember classic WoW being so much harder than it actually was?

As much as there's a moment of schadenfreude in the people compiling lists specifying that no, World of Warcraft: Classic being classic is...
Binding, binding.

WoW Factor: Guessing at the next World of Warcraft expansion announcement using math

Here's the genesis of this particular article: I saw speculation over on Blizzard Watch that we were about a year too early for...

Destiny’s Sword rolls out its official site with a mission statement

We took a look at Destiny's Sword at this year's PAX East and found it to be an interesting project in the early...
It's gone.

Into the Super-Verse: The death of the City of Heroes community

Kingdom Come is a 1996 DC Comics miniseries by Mark Waid and Alex Ross. The central conceit of the story is that it...

PAX East 2019: Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr makes playing the bad guy feel very good

During this year's PAX East, freelance games journalist Sam Prell - you might remember him from his time at Joystiq and GamesRadar -...

LOTRO announces Rohan housing while DDO is slated to get a 64-bit client

Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online players have plenty to look forward to in their near and far...

Hyperspace Beacon: I wasn’t going to talk about Anthem, but I think I should

Like everyone else working in or around the gaming industry, I read Kotaku's Jason Schreier's exposé on BioWare's development of Anthem. And like...

PAX East 2019: Destiny’s Sword aims to take the ludonarrative into actual gameplay

They were called Failure Force, and they were the team that could never make a roll. My roommate, my wife, and myself were playing a...
Finding a handful of daunts.

PAX East 2019: Dauntless talks launching, version 1.0, and the Epic Store

The fine folks at Phoenix Labs aren't bringing Dauntless to Steam; instead, they're heading to the Epic Store as planned. We can all...

PAX East 2019: Bless Unleashed really isn’t Bless Online (to its credit)

The folks behind Bless Unleashed are not just porting over Bless Online to the Xbox One. This is a refrain that Bandai Namco and...
Slightly less leashing than expected.

PAX East 2019: Bless Unleashed’s overview trailer actually looks good

Bless Unleashed has been rolling out class videos over the last couple of months, but now, Bandai Namco is dropping a more generalist...

PAX East 2019: Final Fantasy XIV and The Elder Scrolls Online show off for the convention

PAX East 2019 approaches, and it's got a rather eclectic collection of things on display, but that includes at least a couple of big...

Brad McQuaid’s Pantheon elaborates on its alpha timeline modifications

If you've been watching Visionary Realms' MMORPG Pantheon closely, you might be wondering about its development cadence, especially given its timeline shifts. Back at...