Entropia Universe marks its sweet 16 with gameplay refinements

It's been 16 years since Entropia Universe opened its virtual doors, and the devs are celebrating the occasion with a sweeping gameplay update. Instead...

Apex Legends news: Twitch Prime goodies, esports things, and a new gun

As often seems to be the case with games like these, news from the realm of Apex Legends comes in a bundle form. For...

Modern combat vehicles are coming to War Thunder

As much as online vehicular combat games like War Thunder love them some history, every now and again you've got to get with the...

EVE Online changes F2P mission access to combat bots and releases its first economic report of 2019

There's been an unfortunate increase of RMT activity in New Eden recently, and in the delicate balancing act that is the in-game economy of...

The Division 2 elaborates on skills and specializations

If you're going to try to take back Washington D.C., you're going to need some skills to do it, and the agents of The...

Warframe details 6th anniversary Weekend Wars and teases upcoming content in-game

Warframe is six years old, and there's no better way to celebrate the fact than by shooting and slicing enemies! To mark the milestone,...

Black Desert Online explains the intent of the Adventure Log and Dark Rift

Jae-hee Kim, executive producer for Black Desert Online, has penned a letter to provide some context for the recent additions of Bartali's Adventure Log...

CIG summarizes development progress for Squadron 42

Considering the perceptual glacial pace of development for Squadron 42, it's pretty easy to assume that the folks at CIG are sitting on their...

Choose My Adventure: I am not good at drug running in Star Citizen

There's a rather popular quote in military circles that goes "no plan survives contact with the enemy." This quote springs to my mind as...

The Stream Team: The Starlight season of Final Fantasy XIV

MassivelyOP's Chris absolutely adores the holiday season in MMOs, but one of his top in-game events is Final Fantasy XIV's Starlight Celebration, which has...

The Stream Team: Hunting for Frostfall presents in Dauntless

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Snow is falling, decorations are hanging, and a being of almost pure aether is stalking the...

The Stream Team: More dungeon healing in Final Fantasy XIV

MassivelyOP's Chris had such a good time flinging helpful cards at random folks in Final Fantasy XIV last time that he's back to do...

The Stream Team: A brief Star Citizen road trip

Before the votes for Choose My Adventure are tallied, MassivelyOP's Chris & MJ are going to take a moment to hop into a pretty...

Nexon previews MMOs including Astellia Online and Mabinogi Mobile ahead of G-Star

Next week, Korea Association of Game Industry (or K-GAMES) will be holding its annual G-Star trade show in Busan, bringing both Korean and overseas...
Back again, etc.

Destiny 2 introduces new Breakthrough PvP gametype, adds new maps

Yesterday, Destiny 2 received a pretty sizeable content update that introduced a new Crucible gametype as well as three new maps (or four, if...
Friend and entertainer to all.

Warframe introduces new Chroma Prime Warframe and new prime weapons

Developer Digital Extremes has announced the arrival of the powerful elemental frame Chroma Prime in its free-to-play space-ninja shooter Warframe. Chroma Prime, "known as...
Finding a handful of daunts.

Dauntless celebrates first birthday with The Middleman and matchmaking update

It's been a year now since Phoenix Labs's Monster-Hunter-inspired MMO Dauntless first commenced its closed beta testing. Now, as the game chugs along through...

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Update 21 introduces Training Mode, new weapon and vehicle, and revamped reward system

A major update has just hit the PC version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with Update 21, which brings with it the much-requested Training Mode, a...

Destiny 2: Forsaken’s first raid, The Last Wish, goes live this Friday

Destiny 2's latest expansion, Forsaken, has been live for a little over a week now, and players have been voraciously devouring the new content...
Such meaning.

TERA announces Happily Evil After update for PC, bringing Ninja class to consoles this month

September is shaping up to be a good month for TERA players on PC and console alike, as both versions are set to receive...