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A major Chinese publisher with a large branch in the US, known here primarily for its stewardship of Cryptic Games’ MMORPGs, including Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, and Champions Online.

A new road has begun.

Global Chat: Is FFXIV the perfect solo MMORPG?

Kicking off this week's roundup of MMO blog posts, we'll hop over to Dragonchasers where Pete is ecstatic to share the revelation that Final...

Neverwinter previews its next battle pass, accidentally makes Sharandar Masterwork professions live on PC

Mistakes happen. Game devs are human, after all, and they mess up at their jobs just like the rest of us. One particular mess-up...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 368: Morrowind and the Mirror Universe

Justin and Bree discuss Star Trek Online, movement in EverQuest and EverQuest II, RuneScape's subscription hike, Elder Scrolls Online's freebie Morrowind, and Ukraine's impact in Overwatch and Wargaming MMOs, with adventures in LOTRO, DDO, and TTRPG Hero Kids, plus a mailbag topic of virtual reality MMOs.

Star Trek Online’s Stormfall chapter launches May 10, starring Kate ‘Janeway’ Mulgrew

Star Trek Online has a big juicy announcement for your Friday: Its next chapter through the Mirror Universe is called Stormfall, and it's rolling...

The Stream Team: Neverwinter’s underground Wyllowwood forest

If Massively OP's MJ heard about an underground forest, do you think she could resist exploring? Of course not! And the next step in...

Massively Overthinking: Which MMO suffers from the most useless housing system?

A few weeks ago, I was showing my seven-year-old around Villagers and Heroes, and she wanted to get herself a house. I warned her...
Jane's way.

Star Trek Online’s writer and art director talk about integrating the Mirror Universe with the comics canon

Curious about how many people are playing Star Trek Online at the moment? A new interview with associate art director Thomas Marrone and writer...

Neverwinter’s newest patch makes some major improvements to Bards

Bards are going to rock your face off with the newest Neverwinter patch. It's going to be a non-stop rock extravaganza in the game. The class...

Massively Uplifting: How gamers are bringing humanitarian relief to Ukraine

It was a month that started in love but ended with war: Terrible, painful things keep happening in the world and in our communities....

Neverwinter addresses Bards, public queues, and dev roadmap in Q&A livestream

Did you miss out on the Q&A session that Neverwinter held last month? We covered that story previously, but those who are looking for...

The Daily Grind: Which MMOs are you hoping to play later this year?

I keep telling myself, there are never enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do -- including playing all of...

Neverwinter’s ‘April Fowls’ returns with chicken raids and Poultry vs. Poultry fights

It's April Fools season (?) in the MMO world, and for Neverwinter, that means an outbreak of frisky poultry. Yes, it's "April Fowls," a...

Stick and Rudder: Revisiting 12-year-old MMO Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is an MMO released during the height of the “let’s grab an existing IP and make it into an MMO” craze...

The Stream Team: Seeking a quick spot of Star Trek Online

Normally, Star Trek Online isn't something that MOP's Chris broadcasts very often, but he's been peering in and out of his favored science ship...

Neverwinter’s latest patch brings back the Challenge of the Gods event, notes technical issues with a new lockbox

Neverwinter has received a patch this week, which doesn't really have a whole lot going on in terms of content or even contents; there...

The Stream Team: Neverwinter’s Sloopul and the Thing in the Lake

Having already helped cure the Kuo-Toa of Neverwinter's Twisting Caverns, Massively OP's MJ isn't going to shy away from giving more aid to these...
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Into the Super-Verse: No, I do not want Daybreak’s Marvel MMO

Greetings, true believers! This particular column is actually not the result of reader requests but specifically from our editor, who has long noted that...

Battle Bards Episode 211: Shops and services

When the Battle Bards get loaded up with money and jewels in MMOs, they head back into town for a shopping spree! And if...

One Shots: Castle Redskull

As with all impossible architecture in MMOs, I pause at our first picture and imagine what feats of magical engineering it took to carve...

Massively Overthinking: Does wallet-voting work in modern MMOs?

MOP reader The Grand Nagus recently pointed us to his thread on the Star Trek Online reddit where players were trying to sort out...