RuneScape talks about what’s next after Archaeology, Old School kicks off the Deadman Mode Tournament

Now that the Arcaheology skill is out in the wilds of RuneScape (as well as the subject of several weekly tune-ups), Jagex has decided...

Population Zero hypes its impending early access launch and talks about PvP and PvE modes

Just in case you forgot that the multiplayer survival sandbox Population Zero is launching on Steam Early Access on May 5th, there's a sizzle-filled...

Age of Conan’s Onslaught is live, the Funcom MMO’s ‘biggest update in years’

Back in 2018 and 2019, Funcom's Age of Conan MMORPG - soon turning 12 years old, if you can believe it - ran the...

The Daily Grind: What MMO is the most hardcore and brutal?

A few months ago, there was a post on the MMORPG subreddit about the MMO that was the "most intense brutal hardcore" MMO -...

Realm of the Mad God’s remastered Unity edition, Exalt, is now in open beta

Realm of the Mad God is one of those MMOs that are hard to quantify, being part retro-pixel shooter and part permadeath MMO in...

PWE co-op shooter Remnant: From the Ashes’ upcoming DLC will add a roguelike survival mode

A new challenge is on the horizon for players of Remnant: From the Ashes. Assuming you're willing to pay the ten spot for it....

High Treason is a low-fantasy PvP MMO with an optional permadeath mode

Just in case you're among those who are opining that MMORPGs are too easy and not hardcore enough, there's another incoming title to serve...

Desert Arena: First impressions of Shadow Arena, the Diet Black Desert of battle royales

Did someone just cast Arcane Echo? Because this'll be our second piece on Shadow Arena this week, following its deep-dive by our PvP columnist...

Hardcore sandbox MMO Trials of Ascension is back under a new team – with yet another Kickstarter

You folks remember Trials of Ascension, right? The hardcore permadeath sandbox MMO with all the messy Kickstarters and drama? The one whose last Kickstarter...

LOTRO Legendarium: Five ideas for special servers in Lord of the Rings Online

At PAX East recently, Standing Stone Games teased some details of Lord of the Rings Online's future. I'm going to hold off on talking...

Massively Overthinking: How could MMOs combat endgame rushing?

Rushers, content locusts, world-firsters: Whatever you want to call them, these folks are both a boon and a bane for MMORPGs. They buy the...

Dungeons and Dragons Online’s next Hardcore League and new permadeath server are here

Dungeons and Dragons Online is having a good 2020, first with its 64-bit client and Alchemist class - and now with the return of...

Dungeons and Dragons Online’s 2020 roadmap includes Shifter race and Feywild expansion

What do you want in your Dungeons and Dragons Online this year? Whether it be a new permadeath server, an expansion pack, a modern...

Dungeons and Dragons Online begins testing the Alchemist class, addresses balance concerns

With a penchant for potions and poisons, the Alchemist might not be welcome at most frat parties, but in Dungeons and Dragons Online parties?...
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The Division 2 reveals early Episode 3 details, Hardcore Mode stats, and a new cosmetics lootbox

The latest State of the Game roundup from The Division 2 has a number of details for players of the co-op shooter, including some...

The Game Archaeologist’s ultimate MMO archives v3.0

Behind history are people and stories, some of them well-known and some of them obscure. It has been my mission in The Game Archaeologist...

The Division 2’s Title Update 6.1 is bringing Hardcore Mode and the Situation: Snowball seasonal event

Just because the Washington, D.C., of The Division 2's fiction is under siege doesn't mean that Agents can't enjoy a bit of holiday cheer....
Here we go.

Perfect Ten: The biggest MMO surprises of 2019

After 10 years of covering MMORPG news, I can assure you that I am still fired up to keep doing this. One of the...

DDO wraps up its permadeath server run with an after party

The first run of Dungeons and Dragons Online's permadeath server -- officially known as the Hardcore League -- has officially come to a close....
There were some decent tabletop Star Trek games, but no.

Perfect Ten: The many flavors of MMO PvP

Not so long ago (so, at the rate news has come out since then, what feels like decades ago) I wrote a column about...