Lineage II previews Aden’s pet system

Are you tired of your pets following you into battle in other MMOs just to look cute flopping around on the ground? Lineage II's...

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite MMO cosmetic pet?

Yeah, this is the very definition of a fluffy post! I'm just a big proponent of cosmetic pets in MMOs, partially because it adds...

Not So Massively: Why ARPGs, not MMOs, are where pet classes truly shine

I noticed something odd when I started playing Grim Dawn aways back: I went straight for the pet builds. This is interesting because this...

Dofus’s 2.48 update will implement Kolossium Leagues and overhaul pet system

Big additions are coming to Ankama's tactical-combat MMO Dofus in its upcoming 2.48 update, which will introduce Kolossium PvP Leagues and revamp the game's...

No, Bless Online’s naked pets are probably not going to make it to the west

As the effort to westernize Bless Online continues, Neowiz is facing one issue that is bringing out the snickering junior higher in all of...

Forget matchmaking – Wizard101 introduces ‘hatchmaking’

"Hatchmaking?" you say. "What is that?" Leave it to Wizard101 to come up with a quirky new twist on MMO gameplay. In the family-friendly title's...

PSA: Elder Scrolls Online is handing out free clockwork pets

Psst! Hey kid! Would you like to get your hands on some of the latest tech from Vvardenfell? How about if it was... completely...
Too hot (hot damn)

Here’s how Guild Wars 2 players will go broke on Black Friday

You know it's coming. When the turkey and pumpkin pie meet their demise, the Black Friday sales will start. Guild Wars 2 fans will...

World of Warcraft has a Tortollan pet in its data files

Because World of Warcraft and Hearthstone ostensibly take place in the same world, the latter frequently gets to fill out the lore of the...

Pixel Worlds trots out pets for mobile and PC

Congratulations, you're a parent! Or you would be, if you were playing Pixel Worlds and considered "owning a pet" to be on par with...
That's one handsome beggar-man.

Path of Exile previews updated NPC models and adds new cosmetics to its store

Since Path of Exile's next major update is really heavy on story, it's the perfect time for the team behind the game to work...

Ultima Online starts testing pet patch, teases 20th anniversary plans

Did you realize before you saw this headline that the granddaddy of all graphical MMORPGs is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year? Yes, we...

Chaos Theory: Hide and Shriek in The Park of The Secret World

October is finally here. That means Halloween is this month! I can't even describe how excited that makes me. I know I'm not alone...

Shroud of the Avatar plans creature taming changes

Creature taming and summoning is about to get adjusted in Shroud of the Avatar come Release 33 later this month. A quick forum thread identified...

Gotta catch all of Landmark’s cosmetic pets

If you were just thinking, I really need my own antlered bunny to follow me around in Landmark, you've hit the jackpot! No, seriously...
Actually, I'd rather play as the fox here.

Riders of Icarus kicks off two events to get people out in the world

The world of Riders of Icarus really is full of things. Familiars to collect, animals to ride, levels to gain. Plus, there's more content...

You can now adopt a cybernetic companion in Skyforge

Everyone needs a floating robotic companion in their lives, yes? Skyforge thinks so, at least, which is why it's giving all players the opportunity...
I'm going to write that MMO about the snarky robot I always wanted to!

Skyforge introduces a floating robot companion for everyone

Your journey through the world of Skyforge could not be in any way called devoid of robots. It would be difficult to even say...

Devilian preps megaserver tech, introduces the pet appearance system

Doesn't the term "megaserver" give you instant goosebumps and make you want to stand up and salute the world for having birthed something so...

Desert Nomad: Diving deep into Black Desert’s cash shop

Hello, friends, and welcome back to Desert Nomad. This week, I'd like to take the opportunity to talk about a subject that has been...