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The Elder Scrolls Online adds new vanity pets for DLC owners

Owning the DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online already confers a benefit upon you, insofar as you have access to everything contained within that...
What do I do?

The Daily Grind: What’s the best pet class in an MMORPG?

I hated pets when I first got started in MMORPGs. Pets in early MMOs had such terrible AI and were such a nuisance to...

Path of Exile demos multi-pet deployment

The other day I saw a blogger ask why MMOs don't often let you have more than one pet out at a time, combat...

The Stream Team: Adopting ArcheAge’s pawesome pets

What does MassivelyOP's MJ love as much as housing in games? Pets! And ArcheAge is giving her the best of both worlds: the opportunity...

Raise your own pet through ArcheAge’s Pawesome Autumn Adoption Festival

Beginning this weekend, you can participate in one of the more unusual MMORPG events we've seen in a while: ArcheAge's Pawesome Autumn Adoption Festival...

Marvel Heroics: The joys of pet ownership

I've always been a sucker for vanity pets in MMOs. It's not just the layer of customization and ownership pride that lugging along one...
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Blade & Soul dedicates a week to the Summoner

Would you consider a cat to be a faithful battle companion? If not, you probably haven't played a Summoner in Blade & Soul, the...

The Repopulation brings back sieges and beefs up social features

Sieges are back with a vengeance in The Repopulation. The upcoming sci-fi MMO is rolling out its 15.9.1 patch today, and with it the reintroduction...
I fel for it.

World of Warcraft previews future pets and mounts

It's safe to say that over the past decade of World of Warcraft you have found something to ride in the game's vast array...
El barfo.

World of Warcraft previews the pets of patch 6.2

There's no reason to ask about whether or not you're looking forward to World of Warcraft's next major patch; if you're playing the game,...

Children’s Week returns to World of Warcraft

Won't somebody please think of the children! Oh... someone did? And there's a whole week dedicated to those wee 'uns without parents? Now we feel...
All right, the Lopp have some chops here too.

WildStar outlines pets and wardrobe mechanics

Have you longed for a Rowsdower companion of your very own as you venture about in WildStar? Did you hate the game's costume system...

WildStar’s next drop adds contracts and vanity pets

Looking forward to the next evolution of WildStar? Well, it's coming, cupcake! The team announced today that it's started testing the next drop, Invasion:...

Perfect Ten: My favorite MMO pet classes

Most folks have certain class traits that appeal to them. Some love being that long-range archer sniper, while others get juiced on the feeling of...