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Shards’ pre-alpha server admins are now up and running

Shards Online has officially kicked off its second pre-alpha phase. Project lead Derek Brinkmann posted an update on the game's website today,...

Earn new EverQuest and Landmark rewards with the EQ Worlds app

It might be time to dig out that mostly-forgotten EverQuest Worlds mobile app, especially if you've been playing one of Daybreak's fantasy...

The Stream Team: Landmark be a land of pirates!

Arrrrg! Thar be pirates skulking about Landmark! At least there are plenty of their hideouts scattered about. Previously, Massively OP's MJ has shown off...

Shards Online’s June newsletter talks player-run servers, taming, and more

Citadel has published the latest issue of its Shards Online newsletter. Project lead Derek Brinkmann pens an intro that touches on...

E3 2015: Garriott and Long share Shroud of the Avatar secrets

This past year, Shroud of the Avatar moved from a monthly weekend-release cadence to being online 24/7, but the major updates have been...

Welcome to MassivelyOP’s ARK: Survival Evolved server

I'm still enjoying ARK: Survival Evolved quite a bit, and as such I figured I'd set up a dedicated server for the MassivelyOP community. It's...

Sit and stay awhile with Landmark’s newest update

Let there be chairs! In the latest Landmark Live broadcast, Producers Terry Michaels and Emily Taylor show off some of the...

Landmark devs: Respawning is working as designed

Addressing complaints that respawning mobs and resources are broken in Landmark, Daybreak came out today to say that, on the contrary,

Global Chat: Does the 12X leveling speed hurt or help SWTOR?

I love seeing interaction and cooperative projects between MMO bloggers because what fun is there in being an island? Especially when we talk about...

Daybreak shifts dev focus from Landmark to EverQuest Next

Daybreak senior producer Terry Michaels has posted a new letter on the Landmark website. He says that the dev team has...

Shards Online gets pledge upgrades, a new playtest, and more

Citadel Studios has released the latest Shards Online newsletter. It's got a new letter from project lead Derek Brinkmann, good news...

The Stream Team: Cruising Landmark’s creations (and code giveaway)

Between templates and basic materials being free in Landmark, folks have been able to build bigger and better things in a shorter amount of...

Shards’ project lead talks development, pay-for-mods, and more

What's up with Shards Online this week? Well, quite a bit according to project lead and Ultima Online veteran Derek Brinkmann. MassivelyOP recently...

EverQuesting: Learning about Landmark’s dungeons

I thought I saw a dev dungeon reference. I did! I did see a dev dungeon reference! And it's about time. I have to...

Landmark dev: Dungeoneering will become a large part of the game

Landmark is a sandbox MMO that allows players to engage in a number of non-combat activities, but playing as a pure pacifist might...

EverQuesting: Life after Landmark’s big wipe

It was just over a week ago that Landmark's servers went offline in preparation for a major upheaval that affected nearly every system...

The Stream Team: Caves of Landmark’s wonders

As pretty as the scenery can be topside, spelunking is where the action is since all the mobs were moved underground in Landmark....

The Stream Team: Touring a whole new Landmark world

There isn't anything built in Landmark right now to gaze upon, but that's not really the point today, is it? With the newest landmasses to...
I suppose it's cheaper than actually hiring someone to design these spaces?

EverQuest Next invites players to the Elf workshop competition

The games aren't explicitly linked quite the same way any longer, but there's still plenty of space for Landmark players to strut their...

Landmark’s new island shapes revealed

If you are eager to scope out Landmark's new landscapes in order to find the perfect spot to construct your next home, you can...