Developer behind Cube World.

Trove’s Shadow’s Eve Halloween event returns with new cosmetics, styles, and decorations

The spooktastic season has arrived to the voxel world of Trove as the game's Shadow's Eve event has kicked off for 2021. Players can...

Check out Cube World’s launch trailer as it officially hits closed beta on Steam

It's here, it's here - Cube World has officially hit closed beta on Steam! As we noted last week, the game's original developer resurfaced in...

Cube World’s closed beta begins September 23 – go get your Steam keys

When Picroma's Wolfram von Funck resurfaced earlier this month to announce that 2013 voxelbox Cube World was not only back in development but hitting...

Cube World developer Wollay explains why the game has seen repeated delays

With Cube World once again in the spotlight thanks to a promised launch on Steam this fall, many are perhaps looking for an explanation...

Cube World is back, and this time it’s launching on Steam this fall

Hey, remember Cube World? The blocky, sandboxy Minecraft clone from Picroma was a big deal when it hit paid alpha waaaaay back in 2013....

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Bring on the heavy makeup, electric guitars, and MMO groupies, because the Battle Bards are rock and rolling their way into Continent of the...

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2013 voxelbox Cube World is apparently back in development, again-again

Last week, in the comments of our podcast ranting on early access, reader TomTurtle brought up the fate of Cube World. The blocky, sandboxy MineCraft-like from Picroma...

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Cube World demos glider physics, maps, and new skills

Back in December, we reported that Cube World had resumed development after nearly a year and a half of nearly silent alpha (and a...

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Massively OP Podcast Episode 42: Starstruck

Justin and Bree discuss Star Citizen, Devilian, WoW, WildStar, Landmark, Cube World, and Mytheon, with mailbox questions on multiboxing and MMO monogamy.

Cube World resumes active development

When voxel sandbox Trove hit the pavement running, I know I wasn't alone when my first reaction was, "Damn, this looks like Cube World, only,...