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Pokemon Go datamining group slashes engagement and output over Niantic’s poor management

Pokemon GO players could use a win right about now, but Niantic's antics have made it harder and harder for the community to support...

Pokemon Go’s Niantic scuttles four more gaming projects and lays off 85+ people

Niantic, the company that named itself after a whaling vessel abandoned for the goldrush, admitted yesterday that it is shuttering four more gaming projects,...

Massively on the Go: Pikmin Bloom hasn’t improved six months after release

I was recently looking at an article claiming that Pikmin Bloom remains great six months after release and found I couldn't agree less. While I'm admittedly...

Niantic suspends Pokemon Go and Ingress in Russia, donates to support Ukraine

Late last week, Niantic announced that it was pulling its massively online alternate reality games from Russia and Belarus following Russia's invasion of Ukraine....

Massively on the Go: Pikmin Bloom began with Nintendo’s vibes, drifted to Niantic’s void

It's been about a month since Pikmin Bloom was released, and anecdotally, I've noticed social media and real-world communities dying off. But it feels...

PSA: Pikmin Bloom is apparently blocking all Android notifications unless rebooted or uninstalled

A nasty bug that's apparently been in Pikmin Bloom since April 2021's closed beta is affecting Android users: The bug blocks notifications except from...

Massively on the Go: A guide to staying safe in MMOARG Pikmin Bloom

When we first covered the global release of MMOARG Pikmin Bloom, we noted that because of Niantic's poor history when it comes to "safety,"...

Massively on the Go: Initial impressions of Pikmin Bloom, now live in the US

Well that was quick! Recently announced Pikmin Bloom and its global rollout have already made it to the United States. And since we announced its...

Niantic’s new Pikmin Bloom MMOARG has begun its global rollout

The Nintendo/Niantic Pikmin game has an official name: Pikmin Bloom. And so far, it seems a lot of the leak we reported on earlier matches up...

Massively on the Go: Mother Nintendo should make Niantic Earthbound

So, Nintendo and Niantic will work together for more AR games based on Nintendo IPs. No great surprise from me, as I'd mentioned years...

Massively on the Go: Why Nintendo and Pikmin make sense in Niantic’s hands

With the recent news that Nintendo and Niantic will work together for more AR games based on Nintendo IPs, I thought it might be...

Nintendo taps Niantic for more mobile MMOARGs, starting with Pikmin

Niantic's best-performing AR game is based on a game IP, so it won't surprise you that Nintendo's tapped Niantic specifically to make more mobile...