RIFT begins fourth battle pass season as dataminers dig up new passes and a warfront

Holy crap, stuff is happening in RIFT. First, Gamigo kicked off the game's fourth battle pass season, which runs through August 13th and...

Hearthstone celebrates the Felfire Festival and makes some changes to Battlegrounds

It's time to celebrate the Felfire Festival in Hearthstone! Which means playing card games! Which is expected behavior in a digital CCG, if...

Ghostly ships sail the Sea of Thieves in the Haunted Shores update

Okay, how does a ghost ship happen exactly? It's not like ships are sentient creatures or things that would possess a soul, so how...
Caw! Polly is no longer the apex predator!

Grapecard’s Atlas MMO promises new world map, system reset, and new devs

It's been a rocky year and a half for Atlas, the follow-up MMO to Studio Wildcard's ARK Survival Evolved. Just a few weeks...

EVE Evolved: EVE Online’s asset safety bait and switch was a colossal mistake

Imagine if you logged back into your favourite MMO after a few months away to find that your character's gear was gone or valuable...

Black Desert delays season servers on PC, adds Margoria on console, as Shadow Arena sees 5K concurrent players

Black Desert's PC version is gearing up for summer, which means a deluge of events under the "Waiting for Summer" banner. Players...

Hearthstone is boarded by pirates while Diablo wraps up Season 20

It's not International Talk Like a Pirate Day, but cutthroat seafarers are making the headlines over in Hearthstone with today's Patch 17.4....

EVE Online pirate pillages $60K worth of items from a shutdown Citadel

Last week we reported on a new kind of thievery happening in EVE Online thanks to a recent update which causes...

EVE Online patch enables trillions of ISK in theft from inactive players

When EVE Online introduced player-built citadels in the 2016 Citadel expansion, there were fears that people wouldn't trust them enough to put their...

EVE Evolved: A live event threatens to reshape EVE Online’s map

While EVE Online has always focused on the real stories created by players through player-vs.-player conflict rather than on its NPC storyline, its...
Ain't no one sailing now.

Atlas appears to be listing dead in the water

Off the port bow, there's something drifting in the water. Is it a shipwreck? Yes, in the sense that the ship is Atlas, the...

Fortnite adds a non-combat in-game social space known as Party Royale

Sure, Fortnite is a battle royale shooter, but once in a while it's also been a point for some impressive social gatherings....

Star Citizen answers questions about the Quantum system, talks about its new work-from-home life

Earlier this week we told you about an upcoming AMA from Star Citizen focused on Quantum, the background simulation that will effectively...
Take that, Sea of Thieves!

Twin Saga updates for spring with a pirate invasion of Alfenheim

It turns out that pirates can kinda be jerks sometimes. The newest storyline in Twin Saga is all about how a bunch of...

The Stream Team: Participating in AQ3D’s Pirate Siege

There's a new game mode in AQ3D that Massively OP's MJ has been waiting to try: Pirate Siege! A 3v3 naval war sounds like...

Global Chat: High adventure in Dungeons and Dragons Online

If there was ever an MMO that was made for parties to adventure together, it is Dungeons and Dragons Online. Telwyn over at
dem bones

Sea of Thieves is heading to Steam with full cross-play capability

It may not be the biggest sort of cross-platform news, but after enjoying a lengthy stretch of life as a Windows 10 and Xbox...

EVE Evolved: EVE Online’s Loyalty to Lowsec update shakes up Faction Warfare

Between the relative safe haven of EVE Online's high-security star systems and the lawless depths of nullsec where alliances play ping-pong with titans,...
Herp to the derp.

WoW Factor: The World of Warcraft expansion tour – Legion

Ah, good. This one is more fun than last week. As much as the latter half of World of Warcraft expansions heads into...

The Survivalist: Last Oasis virtual dev tour highlights nomadic life and offline safety

At this stage of the survival genre game, you need more than just a novel idea for the setting. You need unique features to...