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John Smedley’s company, responsible for Hero’s Song.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 82: Boldly go

Justin and Bree discuss WoW Legion, GW2, RIFT, STO console, Otherland, EVE F2P, Camelot Unchained, Dual Universe, and Hero's Song, with mailbag questions on what games MMO devs play and Stranger Things vs. The Secret World.

The Stream team: Live interview with Hero’s Song’s Smedley

Interviews with developers often happen, and then players get to read the results afterward. But what if you could sit in on one live?...

No need to upgrade your rig to play Smed’s Hero’s Song

Pixelmage Games boss John Smedley has issued another update for Hero's Song Indiegogo watchers, who've pushed the game to $55,000 in crowdfunding thus far....

Smed says Hero’s Song is in the home stretch after early stumbles

In a beefy update letter to the community on Reddit last night, Pixelmage Games CEO John Smedley talked about how far Hero's Song has...

Smed: Hero’s Song will launch early access with 15 classes

Pixelmage Games' John Smedley has posted an update for Indiegogo backers and would-be backers for his MMOARPG, Hero's Song. "As I write this we're sitting at...

Smed plans Indiegogo, Twitch stream for pixel-art OARPG Hero’s Song

Back in January, former SOE/Daybreak boss John Smedley revealed the details of his new company, Pixelmage Games, and its first title, a PvE-focused, sandboxy,...

Former H1Z1 developers join John Smedley’s Pixelmage Games

John Smedley's Pixelmage Games has gotten a few devs richer at H1Z1's expense. Massively OP reader Kinya pointed us to the Twitter feeds of...

Global Chat: When MMORPG raiding becomes a job

When does a game go from fun to obligation? Xenophics wrote a gut-wrenching confession about how raiding in World of Warcraft became his "office,"...
And Justin weeps, silently, in the corner. No one feels bad about it.

Dave Mark: EverQuest Next’s AI ‘was not vaporware’

AI developer Dave Mark has weighed in mightily on the EverQuest Next cancellation. Mark worked on the game's expansive AI system years ago alongside...

Interview: John Smedley on Hero’s Song crowdfunding and the future

Following the abrupt cancellation of the Kickstarter for Pixelmage Games' sandboxy OARPG Hero's Song, we chatted with studio CEO and MMORPG veteran John Smedley about...

Leaderboard: Massive servers vs. custom communities

One of the trends cropping up in the MMO industry in recent years is the Neverwinter Nights custom shard phenomenon. Games like Star Citizen,...

Massively Overthinking: The cynicism of modern MMO Kickstarters

This week we've been abuzz about Smed's Hero's Song Kickstarter cancellation - the KS more than the game, mostly because the game is happening...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 48: Blade & Soul runner

Justin and Bree discuss Blade & Soul, Black Desert, Hero's Song, City of Steam, NCsoft, Diablo III, and FFXIV, with a mailbag question on global chat jerks.

John Smedley’s Hero’s Song Kickstarter project is cancelled

John Smedley has just announced that the Hero's Song Kickstarter has been cancelled: https://twitter.com/j_smedley/status/692005956482256896 He went on to stress that the game's development is ongoing, but...

The Daily Grind: Do MMO graphics influence your immersion?

This past week, in the hubub surrounding Smed's new OARPG, Hero's Song, we interviewed bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss, who's building the lore of the game's...

Here’s how Hero’s Song’s gods and races work according to Smed

How do gods work in Hero's Song? What races can you play? John Smedley's just posted a new and lengthy explanation on both to Reddit. In his upcoming...

Smed’s OARPG Hero’s Song adds $15 Kickstarter pledge tier

Were you a little puzzled by the fact that the Kickstarter for Smed's OARPG Hero's Song was offering a $25 base pledge when the...

Interview: Fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss is working on Smed’s OARPG, Hero’s Song

Among the dream team John Smedley assembled for Hero's Song -- studio Pixelmage's new 2-D open-world ARPG -- is Patrick Rothfuss, an acclaimed fantasy author who rocketed to stardom...

Exclusive Interview: John Smedley reveals Hero’s Song, his new open-world OARPG

Today, we finally learn what John Smedley has been working on since he resigned from his decades-long role at Daybreak. The industry veteran has founded indie...