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The Stream Team: Peeking back into Planet Nomads

It's been almost a year since Massively OP's MJ first took a look at the survival sandbox Planet Nomads. How are things faring on...
Where am I? No one gets to know.

Make My MMO: Legends of Aria’s alpha, Ashes of Creation’s lofty ambitions (May 27, 2017)

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Legends of Aria -- which we'll probably never stop accidentally calling Shards Online -- began its alpha, introducing testers and...
Who knows any more?

Betawatch: Secret World Legends is coming in June (May 13, 2017)

Everyone who predicted Secret World Legends would miss its original spring target date gets a cookie. Turns out the game is launching soon, but...

The Stream Team: A first look at survival in Planet Nomads

Ever since Planet Nomads made an appearance in the survival game guide, Massively OP's MJ has been eager to hop in. And today is...

Planet Nomads patches up ahead of new May 25 early access launch date

One of the many, many, many multiplayer survival sandboxes under the purview of our The Survivalist column is Planet Nomads, a title that Kickstarted...

Make My MMO: Star Citizen’s roadmap, Elite Dangerous’ Commanders, and Starfighter’s successful Kickstarter (April 15, 2017)

This week in MMO crowdfunding, it's been a battle of the space MMOs. Elite: Dangerous rolled out its Commanders 2.3 update, introducing what our own...

The Survivalist: Massively OP’s guide to survival games, single-player and beyond

As Massively OP is centered on the "massively" part of gaming, it makes sense that my first guide to survival games was focused on...

Make My MMO: Star Citizen’s subber promo, Planet Nomads’ early access, Project Gorgon’s bards (March 25, 2017)

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Star Citizen capped off a week of DirectX revelations and mega map explanations with a round of celebrations -- for its...

Kickstarted survival sandbox Planet Nomads hits early access on April 18

Planet Nomads is one of those gorgeous sci-fi multiplayer survival sandboxes that's been kicking around on our Make My MMO list for so long...

Make My MMO: Vampire MMO Shadow’s Kiss is on Patreon (February 20, 2016)

So here's a new one for the Make My MMO crowdfunding column: We have a game that's actually vying for Patreon donations rather than...

Make My MMO: Smedley’s Hero’s Song sings for its supper (January 23, 2016)

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, former SOE/Daybreak CEO John Smedley revealed his new company, Pixelmage Games, and its first game, sandboxy OARPG Hero's...