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Guilty or innocent?

The Daily Grind: Are there any live MMOs that seem too old for you to try?

It's easy to overlook the sheer weight of age involved with live MMOs. Sure, it's easy to say that intellectually there's no reason you...
Not this.

The Daily Grind: How do people misunderstand your favorite MMOs?

A couple of weeks ago, I had a column in which I opined that younger me thought of Ultima Online as a place for hardcore...
It's not our department.

The Daily Grind: What obligations do studios have to provide a griefing-free MMO environment?

There's some interesting stuff to be unpacked in a recent analysis of Conan Exiles that characterizes it as replete with griefing, racism, sexism, and general unmoderated...

Skyforge puts out a call for more community helpers among the playerbase

The player community in Skyforge need people who speak not with the voice of the powers that be, but also not quite with the...

Naoki Yoshida confirms that housing purchase changes are coming to Final Fantasy XIV

There is definitely a problem with how housing is handled in Final Fantasy XIV. The good news is that something is definitely being done...
Looks like home.

The Daily Grind: Have you done socially unacceptable things in MMOs?

There are two sorts of cheating in MMOs. One of them, which is outright hacking the game, is capital-b Bad. Back in the days...
It's so clear now that you are all that I have.

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite small act of kindness from a stranger in an MMO?

At one point in Final Fantasy XI, I was stuck in Ordelle's Caves. A friend had been helping me get my RSE deep within...
Help friends.

Skyforge is looking for new players to become Elder Guardians

Do you want to be the face representing Skyforge to others? Then you might want to look into joining the game's Elder Guardian ranks....
Iconic or no, I just don't care.

The Daily Grind: How do you handle being wrong about speculation with an MMO?

A new expansion is a time for fan communities to come together and speculate about what's coming next. What will be the next batch...
Now you try.

Skyforge AMA discusses pay-to-win and future content updates

Skyforge just released a major update, but it's also making an effort to reach out to its community more enthusiastically. Western producer Volker Boenigk...
Everyone expects

Blizzard discusses the failings of the Sombra ARG for Overwatch

The ARG surrounding Sombra's reveal in Overwatch was a bit dicey, even if you overlook stuff like players hacking other player accounts out of...
No, be a dude.

Top-ranked League of Legends player is banned from event based on toxic behavior

The usual trajectory in professional sports seems to be that no matter how noxious you are as a person, it's all ignored if you...
Every so often, you need to take a look at the banner you're marching under to make sure it still echoes your beliefs.

Wisdom of Nym: An uncomfortable season for Final Fantasy XIV

My original plan for this week was to dive into the newest parts of the the Palace of the Dead, but I shan't mince...
Nope, not illustrating this. Have a spaceship.

Player fakes a suicide attempt in EVE Online as part of an extortion scheme

One of the most universal facts about most MMO communities is that we band together when one of our own is hurting or in...
I am so tired.

The Daily Grind: Should MMO mentors have special rewards?

No one respects the mentor tag in Final Fantasy XIV. It's applied via an automated process, and the idea is that you're supposed to...

Wisdom of Nym: The fullness of Final Fantasy XIV until October

We know now that patch 3.35 and the Deep Dungeon will be landing on July 19th. That's a little bit later than I had...
Also, it's crazy random.

The Daily Grind: How well do you think you represent your main MMO’s average player?

One of the things that I remind myself of on a regular basis is that I am not the average player in an MMO....

Black Desert Online guilds lead a celebrity (picture) invasion in the game

Do you play MMOs to get away from the endless parade of celebrities in the media? Is one of your greatest joys in life...
You just assume I like this. And, I have to be honest, you're pretty much right.

The Daily Grind: Are you the helper or the one who needs help in an MMO?

When I play MMORPGs with my friends, I am the helper. There are a lot of reasons for this, and it's not something I...
Sort of?

The Daily Grind: What’s the oldest MMO that you started playing well after launch?

Pretty much every MMO that I start playing seriously is a game I pick up close or on its launch. I only start getting...