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Welcome to the Litter Box, a player-built naked fight club in Fallout 76

As we've covered before, one of the best parts of Fallout 76 is the things that players build in-game with their C.A.M.P.s, so it...

The Daily Grind: What’s the best player-run event you’ve ever witnessed in an MMO?

It'd be tempting to think that back in the long, long ago when MMOs were still young, MMO players weren't quite as jaded about...

The Daily Grind: Have you ever been to a concert in an MMO?

Slightly embarrassing story time: One of my favorite things to do in classic Star Wars Galaxies was sing. Yes, musicians and dancers were technically...

Players are running a Secret World Legends PvP event today

Get your PvP on in Secret World Legends, as the player community has put together a weekend Shambala event to see who is the...

LOTRO’s insane player Olympics return next week

What do you get when you take a bunch of stubborn and foolhearty Dwarves, get them tanked on ale, and then start boasting about...

E3 2017: Why MMO players should be paying attention to Elite Dangerous

I sat down with Elite Dangerous Senior Designer Sandy Sammarco again at E3 2017, and while the information I've got in terms of game info may...

City of Heroes fans mark 12th anniversary in Paragon Chat and Champions Online

Twelve years ago, heroes answered the call to defend Paragon City against aliens, bandits, and nefarious sewer zombies. City of Heroes launched on April 27th,...

Xsyon kicks off a season full of events, including a mutant rodeo

Just because the world's been ruined doesn't mean that Xsyon players can't have a good time, eh? A new season of fun events starts this...

LOTRO players host Friendship France gathering this weekend to show solidarity after attacks

Communities around the globe are still coping with the aftermath of last week's terrorist attacks in Paris, and in MMOs, it's no different. Similar...