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I find the way.

Interview: The Wayfinder team on group size, customization, monetization, and more

Perhaps you're interested in Wayfinder because you like the idea of a small-group dungeon-running game published by Digital Extremes. (The studio made another game...

The Daily Grind: Which MMOs have characters that don’t quite match the gameworld they’re in?

A while back, the MOP team was chatting about Chris' foray into house ownership in Final Fantasy XIV. I was actually kind of surprised...
For you it's all in a day.

Vague Patch Notes: Being there or getting there in MMORPGs

Here's an interesting fact to consider: It took me ages to hit the level cap in Final Fantasy XI. Absolute ages. And no, it's...

Final Fantasy XIV and Puma are collaborating for a new line of shoes, shirts, and pants

You might not think that Final Fantasy XIV wants to be Destiny 2, since the two games play differently and are made by different...

Sea of Thieves teases fifth anniversary doc and Season 9 additions

Believe it or not, it was all the way back in 2018 that Rare launched its PvP pirate sim into rough waters. Since then,...
That elephant won't bedazzle itself.

Final Fantasy XIV adds a new Deep Dungeon, new tribal quests, and new weapon enhancements with patch 6.35

Saddle up, Warrior of Light, it's time for moon antics in Final Fantasy XIV. Moon antics, as we all know, are antics you get...
No mom.

Wisdom of Nym: How is Final Fantasy XIV going to end?

A long while ago, I wrote an article about how your favorite MMO is going to die. This is because your favorite MMO is...

The MOP Up: SWTOR gets swoopy and plaguey in March

Star Wars: The Old Republic may not have a big patch coming out this month, but the MMO does have a couple of events...

One Shots: Welcome to your adorable nightmare

So where do you come down on the subject of Final Fantasy XIV's Lalafells? There's no middle ground here; either you're in love with...

The Stream Team: Taking our first steps into Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion

With the Lightfall expansion's arrival this week, and MOP's Chris having found himself diving into the game more after his CMA stint, today seems...

Lawful Neutral: What MMO gamers need to know about Section 230

You might have seen something in the news last week about a thing called Section 230 and lots of panic over the "end of...

Following another weak quarter, Square-Enix will replace Yosuke Matsuda as president

Yosuke Matsuda is finally on his way out of Square-Enix: The company's Board of Directors announced early this morning that Matsuda will step down...

The Daily Grind: What cosmetic wearable options are missing in your favorite MMO?

Back in January, NCsoft opened a request thread for Blade and Soul players asking them what kinds of cosmetic items they'd like to see...

The Stream Team: Celebrating Little Ladies’ Day and learning a new dance in Final Fantasy XIV

It's time for the Little Ladies' Day holiday in Final Fantasy XIV, and MOP's Chris is excited! Why? While he's generally excited for the...

Final Fantasy XIV opens another ticket lottery for the London Fan Festival in October

European fans, were you feeling left out of the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Vegas hoopla? No longer: Square-Enix took the wraps off the...
Here we go once more.

Final Fantasy XIV is hosting a Q&A session at PAX East

It's been a couple of years, but Final Fantasy XIV is bringing Naoki Yoshida back to PAX East once again. And he's even hosting...

Destiny 2’s Lightfall and Season of Defiance are officially live

It's finally here: Destiny 2's Lightfall expansion is officially live as of this afternoon, on every dang platform the game works on, along with...

Choose My Adventure: New tutorials and old habits see Destiny 2’s hooks set in

I'm going to admit it to myself: In spite of my misgivings about what awaits me at the endgame, I can feel myself getting...

Destiny 2 is going down for its 24-hour maintenance ahead of tomorrow’s Lightfall expansion launch

If you had plans to fire up Destiny 2 today, then you might have missed our earlier coverage or don't follow the game's Twitter...

Wisdom of Nym: Where is Final Fantasy XIV’s story going post-6.3?

As we all know, at this point Final Fantasy XIV is the story of Zero and how we all absolutely want her to live...