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Sunsoft’s virtual reality MOBA, Dark Eclipse, launches for PlayStation VR September 25

Japanese developer Sunsoft has this morning announced the impending global release of Dark Eclipse, a brand-new free-to-play MOBA, with a twist: It's being billed as...

Young adults are the prime market for virtual reality

It's a well-known maxim in gaming circles that younger players have more time but lack disposable income while older players have the money but...

E3 2017: CCP’s VR sports game Sparc debuts new trailer, summer PSVR launch

First announced back in February, CCP's multiplayer VR sports sim Sparc is getting the E3 treatment this week, being available for play (and spectating)...

EVE Fanfest 2017: Hands-on with competitive VR sports game Sparc

At the end of February, CCP Games announced a new game that has nothing to do with EVE Online or even the EVE IP. Named Sparc,...

ARK Park dino VR experience to launch for Rift, PSVR and Vive in 2017

Remember ARK Park, the ARK: Survival Evolved dinosaur "VR experience" that Snail Games and Studio Wildcard are working on? Snail announced today that it's launching...
What's two times zero?

Anybody wanna ‘Gatecrash’ EVE Valkyrie this Wednesday?

EVE Valkyrie is getting its third major update this week: Gatecrash. "Gatecrash inaugurates new gameplay possibilities, a pilot personalization system and the Gateway multiplayer map,"...
Let's double down on the game even further, that'll work!

EVE Valkyrie shows off for a PlayStation VR launch

Fans of EVE: Valkyrie will... possibly be happy that the game is heading to a console? Maybe not? Look, we know that fans of...

GDC 2016: PlayStation VR launches in October for $399

Sony's PlayStation VR is launching in October with a $399 pricetag, significantly less than the tech world assumed and much less than the Vive...

The Daily Grind: How much will you pay for a VR headset, and which one will it be?

New analysis published on last week suggests that the virtual reality headset war is only going to heat up from here on out....

Final Fantasy XIV demos ‘VR Titan Suppression Battle’ at Tokyo Game Show

If you happen to be in Tokyo for the Tokyo Game Show this week, make sure to drop by the Sony booth to gawk, as...