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The Soapbox: Three augmented reality game problems (most) MMOs don’t have – and one thing they do so much better

I'd like to think that I'm kind of a healthy gamer. While MMOs take a lot of time, the nice thing is that...

A Virginia gamer was shot and killed playing Pokemon Go last week

According to Chesapeake, Virginia, news, a 60-year-old resident was shot and killed by a security guard while playing Pokemon Go last week. The victim, Jiansheng...
Pokemon gone?

Pokemon Go: The San Francisco murder, the Iranian ban, and Twitch’s cheater crackdown

Pokemon Go has now been out for a whole month. Here's a look at the app's news from the weekend: The Guardian reports...
Bah, it was just a bird.

Pokemon Go: A Vegas shootout, trolling the White House, and 50M Google Play downloads

The Pokemon Go news never ends. Here's the best of it from the last 24 hours. A shootout at the Pokemon Go...
Pokemon gone?

Pokemon Go Game of Thrones and other Pokemon news

As Pokemon Go continues its rollout across the world, you might be wondering why it's not in Japan yet. It's because Japan is...