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The Soapbox: Three augmented reality game problems (most) MMOs don’t have – and one thing they do so much better

I’d like to think that I’m kind of a healthy gamer. While MMOs take a lot of time, the nice thing is that their downtime can lead to forming bonds, or give you time to exercise. Augmented reality games can give you both at once, especially Pokemon Gosince it’s the best-known ARG we have (and the mountains of merchandise make it easier to stand out as a fellow player).

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, and I’m not just talking about game mechanics that have plagued Niantic games since at Ingress. I remember playing that title and thinking, “Man, this game is dangerous! There’s no way they’ll just clone this for POGO, right?” And yet, here we are. But I can’t put all the blame on Niantic, especially after my time with ARG competitor Maguss. Some things just seem inherent to the genre.

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A Virginia gamer was shot and killed playing Pokemon Go last week

According to Chesapeake, Virginia, news, a 60-year-old resident was shot and killed by a security guard while playing Pokemon Go last week.

The victim, Jiansheng Chen, who reportedly played the game to bond with his grandchildren, spoke limited English, which may have contributed to what police investigators have characterized as a confrontation. His family owned a home in the neighborhood where the shooting occurred. The family attorney says he was likely training at a gym in his Virginian neighborhood.

The community association for the neighborhood says security guard patrols are contracted to be “unarmed,” not armed. Police confirmed the case is currently under investigation.

As a reminder, please stay safe when playing the game. Real world death is a thing with this game, and not just in America. Muggings happen, even to streamers. It’s especially difficult for some minorities to play. Stay safe, don’t enter dangerous areas, and despite design issues, try not to draw unwanted attention to yourself. Your life is more important than the game.

Source: WTKR 3 News


Pokemon Go: The San Francisco murder, the Iranian ban, and Twitch’s cheater crackdown

Pokemon Go has now been out for a whole month. Here’s a look at the app’s news from the weekend:

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Pokemon Go: A Vegas shootout, trolling the White House, and 50M Google Play downloads

The Pokemon Go news never ends. Here’s the best of it from the last 24 hours.

  • A shootout at the Pokemon Go corral took place on Monday in Vegas when two people tried to rob a group of Pokemon Go players at gunpoint… and were instead surprised to find one of the players had a gun of his own thanks to his concealed carry permit. One thief and one player were shot and hospitalized with “non-life threatening” injuries. Meanwhile, up in Canada, a woman shot at Pokemon Go players with a pellet gun up on a rooftop. No one was injured, but she was arrested.
  • Someone “karped” — that is, trolled — the Pokegym in the White House with a Magikarp named… The Donald. According to Kotaku, it lasted all of two minutes. Apparently you can access that gym from outside the gate, so now the crowd of tourists out there play Pokemon instead of gawking.
  • Congrats to Niantic are in order: Pokemon Go has reached 50 million downloads through Google Play — in 20 days.
  • Game research firm PlayerXP apparently paid to sponsor an article on GamesIndustry.biz exploring its metrics on Pokemon Go. This is a weird thing for us to link to, but it’s one of the very few pieces out there discussing the game in anything like a negative light, in this case by balancing review scores, reported technical issues, and related searches to arrive at a very poor grade when it comes to player satisfaction with the game. (Obsession is another story. No, obsession is all the other stories.)

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Pokemon Go Game of Thrones and other Pokemon news

As Pokemon Go continues its rollout across the world, you might be wondering why it’s not in Japan yet. It’s because Japan is even more Pokemon-crazed than we are and would break the servers, basically. Here’s what else is happening with the MMOARG:

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