EVE Online war update: Thousands return to join the war

For the past week we've been closely following the events of a monumental war that has kicked off in sci-fi MMO EVE Online. The conflict that has...

EVE Evolved: How did World War Bee start and where is it going?

Throughout the almost nine years I've been covering EVE Online in the gaming media, I've been continually amazed at the sheer scale and impact of events that...
My name is might have been.

Records indicate that Rhode Island’s deal with 38 Studios was meant to be secret

The 38 Studios story has been a mess since it was first announced, right up to the studio's collapse. It turns out that the...
Sneaking around, as you will.

Ascent updates its interface amidst a galactic smuggling crisis

Did you vote for Galactic President Prolapser in Ascent? Possibly not, but everyone has to deal with what's happened as a result of his...

The Daily Grind: Should MMO studios interfere with server politics?

Last week, a reader named Bob alerted us to a messy political situation on EverQuest's Lockjaw progression server. Apparently, characters from a large uberguild were...

ArcheAge taking sign-ups for free server transfers soon

In just a few days, ArcheAge will begin accepting sign-ups for server -- sorry, evolution -- transfers. Trion Worlds announced yesterday that players affected by...

EVE Evolved: Building your own empire

When CCP announced its far-reaching plans to overhaul EVE Online's territorial warfare gameplay, players were cautiously optimistic but understandably guarded. EVE's old sovereignty system...

Brunelleschi is the staging ground for a ‘Mythic Renaissance’ civilization

Set in a "mythic Renaissance" that blends together history and fantasy, Brunelleschi: Age of Architects is an ambitious social builder that aims to give...

Sanctions force World of Warcraft, Diablo III ban in Crimea

When gamers are caught in the crossfire of international politics, bad things can happen. Due to US sanctions against Russia, World of Warcraft and Diablo...
My name is might have been.

Final 38 Studios auction brings in $90,000 for Rhode Island

If there was ever any hope of recovering most of the massive $75 million debt left by the collapse of 38 Studios, it's gone now. A last...
EVE Online

You’ve only got 77 candidates to choose from in EVE’s CSM election

Are you voting in this week's EVE Online Council of Stellar Management election? If so, you'd better do some research, because there are 77...