Richard Garriott and Starr Long’s studio working on Shroud of the Avatar.

Oh boy.

Shroud of the Avatar clarifies its stance on multi-boxing

In the interest of clearing the air and apparently settling some unrest regarding multi-boxing in Shroud of the Avatar, Catnip Games has gone on...

Shroud of the Avatar boots real-money transactions off its forums

Real-money traders, you are no longer welcome on Shroud of the Avatar's property. At least, that's the message being sent by Catnip Studios, which...

Make My MMO: The biggest MMO crowdfunding news of 2019

Welcome to a special edition of Make My MMO, Massively OP's weekly and sometimes biweekly recap of the big news in crowdfunded MMOs. Hey, you...
yay sure

Shroud of the Avatar rolls out Release 73 with its first iteration of GM tools for players

The latest release for Shroud of the Avatar is giving players the power to serve as GMs. Before you get too excited about this fact, you...

Ask Mo: The hits and misses of MassivelyOP’s 2019 predictions

The day has come: the day when we look back at last year's predictions for this year and see how we did. Yep, this...

Massively Overthinking: Our favorite MMO stories of 2019

Earlier this week, we granted our formal award for the biggest MMO story of the year. But biggest doesn't necessarily mean best or most...

Richard Garriott gives RPG game developer permission to use Lord British

You may have never heard of a game called Corven, but one of the industry's most famous developers is lending his fame to put...
Here we go.

Perfect Ten: The biggest MMO surprises of 2019

After 10 years of covering MMORPG news, I can assure you that I am still fired up to keep doing this. One of the...

Shroud of the Avatar adds Krampus, Lua integration, and the ability to make unicorn stew

Have you ever looked upon a unicorn and been hit with, not a child-like sense of wonder, but the desire to turn it into...

Shroud of the Avatar’s Release 71 adjusts Tartarus, the Despair dungeon, and several combat skills

Today marks another update launch for Shroud of the Avatar, which is bringing some general improvements to several parts of the game, including the...

Shroud of the Avatar works on bards, complains about negative press coverage

It's no secret that many of us here aboard the Good Ship MOP love us some Bard classes or support classes in general, so...

Shroud of the Avatar claims move from Portalarium to Catnip will bring ‘positive change’

Honest-to-goodness hope or trying to put a brave face on things? We'll let you decide when you read Catnip Studios' letter following the recent...
It knows you sinned.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 242: And then Blizzard said, ‘Hold my beer’

Justin, Bree, and Eliot discuss the Blizzard boytcott and fiasco, the Daybreak layoffs, Shroud of the Avatar's sell-off, the Guild Wars 2 hacker piece, and a few happier stories too.

Make My MMO: Star Citizen drops alpha 3.7 as it turns 7 itself

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, Star Citizen went absolutely mad with infodumps, and I almost feel sorry for it because it got half...

Shroud of the Avatar finally admits the Kickstarter book is not happening, offers in-game items instead

Yesterday, we covered the bizarre but perhaps expected news that Portalarium has transferred Shroud of the Avatar and other assets to Catnip Games, which...

Shroud of the Avatar changes hands as Portalarium transfers assets to Catnip Games

Hey you know when's a good time to drop potentially bad news? Underneath somebody else's even bigger bad news. Apparently, today it's going to...

Perfect Ten: Kickstarter MMOs that raised the most money

The rise of crowdfunding in the mid-2010s swept a large wave of MMORPGs our way that might never have happened otherwise. For a while...

Shroud of the Avatar dates next SotACon event, releases more Episode 2 bundles

Sometimes you have to root around in the Shroud of the Avatar update digest to find the interesting stuff. Digest #352 kind of has...

Shroud of the Avatar’s spoopy Halloween release 70 is officially live

While we already knew that Shroud of the Avatar was going to start dressing up for the best holiday on Earth (Halloween) with Release...

Shroud of the Avatar’s Release 70 brings Halloween themed fun on September 26

As we near October, it stands to reason that more of Halloween will start to invade the MMO space. Shroud of the Avatar looks...