It's a miracle anything ever works.

Elite: Dangerous launches the Powerplay update

The latest update for Elite: Dangerous does not allow players to personally claim big chunks of the galaxy, but it does allow players to...

Elite’s latest newsletter talks Powerplay, mining, drones, and more

Frontier talks up the forthcoming Powerplay patch in this week's Elite: Dangerous newsletter. The titular patch feature "makes the galaxy a hotbed of activity,"...
Someone take the helm.

Beta testing starts for Elite: Dangerous’ Powerplay update

The next major update for Elite: Dangerous is going to really shake up how the game is played. The Powerplay update previewed a month...
Elite Dangerous

Elite’s Mac client benefits the PC; Powerplay update delayed

Hey Elite fans, did you miss Friday's newsletter #75? If so, it's worth readingĀ forĀ the news about the Mac client and the Powerplay beta. Originally...
Aiming for the planet.

Elite’s Mac client launches May 12, Powerplay beta on May 20

This week's Elite: Dangerous newsletter covers quite a bit of ground. Firstly, the game's Mac client will launch on May 12th. Mac and PC...

Elite: Dangerous tests interplay between Mac and PC versions

Being a member of the Mac gaming tribe no longer means that you have to be quarantined from the glorious PC master race, at...

Not So Massively: LoL’s Reddit controversy, HotS’ Heroes of the Dorm

If ever we needed evidence that e-sports are fast becoming more like real-life sports, this week's MOBA news provided it. Dota 2 announced that...
It'd make a cool Transformer, but I think that about lots of stuff.

The Powerplay update will change how you play Elite: Dangerous

The next big update for Elite: Dangerous centers around the Powerplay system, and it's enough to change the way you see the game world....

Elite: Dangerous ups the ante for mining

A big Elite: Dangerous update called Powerplay is on the way, and with it will come significant improvements to the space sim's mining game....