Phoenix Labs’ cozy MMO Fae Farm buffs its preorder packages, releases new trailer

In case your haven't gotten enough cozy MMO from today, here comes Fae Farm with a little bit more. At today's Nintendo Direct, Phoenix...

Sony admits PlayStation 5 pre-orders ‘could have been smoother,’ promises more consoles through year’s end

If you were among those who took part in the pre-order blitz for the PlayStation 5 and found things far from well handled, then...
Saw it coming, indeed.

Star Trek Online opens up its expansion bundle packages for Victory is Life

If you've been through prior expansion launches for Star Trek Online, you know that the expansion launch is almost always accompanied by big packs...
Look sharp!

Ashes of Creation adds monthly time-limited pre-order packages to the tune of $500

Good news, Ashes of Creation fans, you can now give the development team more money! The team has rolled out new pre-order packages for...

Legends of Aria reveals founder’s pack rewards

Planning on dropping a shiny dime (plus several hundred additional dimes) on one of the founder's packs for Legends of Aria? You'll gain access...
From the here.

Crowfall retires pledge packages in favor of pre-orders, partners with AbleGamers

Before we get to talking about ways Crowfall is trying to make money, here is something it's giving away for free: four brand-new Patch...

EverQuest: Ring of Scale opens pre-orders for December’s expansion

December is but two months and two major holidays away, so don't fool yourself into thinking that you can put off those essential preparations...
Crew crew crew

Gamescom 2017: The Crew 2 races to release on March 16, 2018

Start planning the next leg of your cross-country vacation now because Ubisoft announced this week at Gamescom that it will be launching The Crew...

Black Desert answers questions on localization and release

There is no way in the world to know when the second closed beta for a localized Black Desert will take place, although the...

Why Guild Wars 2’s prepurchase deal has the internet raging

On the surface, ArenaNet killed it at E3, kicking ass with a much-wanted and huge expansion for Guild Wars 2, one of the biggest MMORPGs in...

Elder Scrolls Online announces console digital preorders

Getting pumped for The Elder Scrolls Online's console launch in two weeks? Of course you're not; you're an MMO player, so you've been playing...