Oh, dang.

The Daily Grind: What tends to happen before you leave an MMO?

For me, there's a very predictable indicator that I'm going to be waving goodbye to an MMO for a while: I realize I don't...
Time is on someone's side.

The Daily Grind: Are free-to-play MMOs slower when it comes to advancement?

As free-to-play became the dominant business model in MMOs over time, it was totally understandable to wonder at first what free-to-play games would do...
how DARE you

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite group size for MMO grinding?

Grinding has existed as long as we've had MMOs. In the earliest days of my time in the genre, grinding was the game; I...
For obvious example...

The Daily Grind: Would you play a PvE game with full item decay?

One of the most insightful comments I ever saw about Darkfall (yes, Darkfall) was that, realistically, in a game with open PvP and full...
Please be all right.

OrbusVR outlines its early access schedule for December

The production schedule for OrbusVR is speeding right along, and the game is just about ready to head into early access. For a given...
Rawr and stuff.

Neverwinter’s Jungles of Chult has better daily tasks and more reward options

On some level, all Neverwinter really needs to do for Jungles of Chult is to remind you how you'll get to fight dinosaurs. That's...
Why do you have the Dreamworks Faces.

Paladins bumps up Essence gains significantly for players

The Paladins community was not terribly happy with the changes made to the game's microtransaction model for, let's face it, entirely understandable reasons. Introducing...
This is not that lightsaber, but I care so little I'm not hunting down a picture.

Star Wars: The Old Republic explains the Bolster changes in Patch 5.1

Players who logged in to Star Wars: The Old Republic after patch 5.1 and jumped right into PvP probably noticed right away that their...

Diablo III shows off the rewards for the newly arrived Season 6

It's time to get up and start earning rewards for Diablo III's Season 6! "Now now," you whine. "I have to go to work...
Good work, great idea.

New Overwatch video explains progression systems and the two that didn’t work

Progression is a nice thing. Everyone likes the feeling of being better in some small way after playing a game for two hours. When...

Trion compensates Devilian players for lost progress on the Seadrift server

There's nothing quite like logging in over the weekend to play some Devilian, logging out after a little while, and then logging back in......
Indarth Invader.

Skyforge offers more details on Invasions and Operations

Invasions are a big deal in Skyforge, but not every hero standing against the invaders is at the front lines of the main invasion...
There are no limits! But in another very real way, there are hard and immediate limits.

How to progress in Skyforge after the weekly spark cap

Weekly limits in Skyforge are everywhere, putting a limit on how far and how fast players can progress in the game. In some ways...
Maybe... maybe stop addressing him over and over?

Star Citizen’s Lesnick promises ‘incredible progress’ and addresses concerns

The war of words between developer Derek Smart and Star Citizen isn't over yet. A recent livestream for a German fan channel saw director...