Take on me.

The Daily Grind: What motivates you to complete challenging content in MMOs?

There's absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting to do challenging content in any given MMO; that's just not what everyone is there for. But...
Oh, dang.

The Daily Grind: What tends to happen before you leave an MMO?

For me, there's a very predictable indicator that I'm going to be waving goodbye to an MMO for a while: I realize I don't...
Just the same thing but forever.

EverQuest is adding two new time-locked progression servers, Aradune and Rizlona, launching May 27

If you like to hop back to the olden days of EverQuest, to feel the game evolve from launch to very slightly after launch,...
Time is on someone's side.

The Daily Grind: Are free-to-play MMOs slower when it comes to advancement?

As free-to-play became the dominant business model in MMOs over time, it was totally understandable to wonder at first what free-to-play games would do...

Anarchy Online’s progression server raises its level cap, but its future is uncertain

Here's a fun fact for you today: Did you know that Anarchy Online launched prior to the very first Harry Potter movie release? That...
I blew things up!

Apex Legends raises the level cap substantially but adds a lot more rewards to it

You may or may not be at the old level cap for Apex Legends, but you are almost certainly not at the new cap....

The Daily Grind: What’s the biggest thing pushing you away from MMO progression content?

Drama between raid groups. Drama within a raid group. Time commitment. Maybe even mechanical difficulty. There are a lot of things that can push someone...

RIFT’s first expansion, Storm Legion, unlocks on the Prime progression server

There's a storm brewing on the RIFT Prime progression server, as Storm Legion, the game's first expansion, unlocks today. Players on the Patron-only Prime...

ArcheAge is rolling out the next phase of its fresh-start servers with Reign: Part 1 on July 18

Trion Worlds has announced that the next phase of ArcheAge's fresh-start progression servers will soon begin, boosting the level cap to 55 and unlocking...

RIFT Prime reintroduces 10-player slivers and LFR

The sliver-spooned mouths of RIFT Prime subscribers are being filled with all manner of endgame challenges this week. With the first step forward of...
There's a mount.

RIFT: Three more ‘content milestones’ in 2018, progression server’s lifespan extended

Trion Worlds is stepping up its communication game this week, first with a post on the imminent plans for RIFT's progression server and then...
For obvious example...

The Daily Grind: Would you play a PvE game with full item decay?

One of the most insightful comments I ever saw about Darkfall (yes, Darkfall) was that, realistically, in a game with open PvP and full...

Sea of Thieves lays out player progression and mission types

If you've been paying attention to Sea of Thieves, you may have noticed that Rare's game isn't hewing to the traditional RPG stats and...
Some daunts remain.

Dauntless steps back from constant stability upgrades for a major patch

If you've been playing Dauntless since it first released to test audiences, you have probably gotten accustomed to having a large number of patches...

Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.11 introduces the Unending Coil of Bahamut

Bahamut. You know him, you fear him, you've gotten used to summoning and channeling him if you play a Summoner in Final Fantasy XIV....
What's two times zero?

EVE Valkyrie will be getting loot boxes

There's really no two ways about this particular tidbit of news. CCP is adding loot boxes to EVE Valkyrie, according to a recent interview....
Rawr and stuff.

Neverwinter’s Jungles of Chult has better daily tasks and more reward options

On some level, all Neverwinter really needs to do for Jungles of Chult is to remind you how you'll get to fight dinosaurs. That's...
To be fair, stopping isn't the worst idea.

EverQuest launches an expansion-locked progression server on May 24

The next EverQuest progression server is on its way on May 24th, but it's a little different than previous progression servers because this one...
This isn't alive yet, but it, too, is going to die.

The Daily Grind: Do you like the idea of limited-time MMOs?

One of the things that I find neat about games like Rend, Crowfall, and Chronicles of Elyria is that all of these games are...
Why do you have the Dreamworks Faces.

Paladins bumps up Essence gains significantly for players

The Paladins community was not terribly happy with the changes made to the game's microtransaction model for, let's face it, entirely understandable reasons. Introducing...