project hon

Canceled by NCsoft in 2015.

Perfect Ten: 10 MMOs where you can live out your giant robot fantasies

Two years ago, NCsoft dealt a harsh blow to a certain subset of gaming fans when it canned the development of Project HON. This MMO was to be a glorious exercise in mecha combat, but scandals and a decision to reallocate development resources meant that it was never to be.

So where can that kid who grew up playing with giant robots go to get a Voltron, Transformers, or Macross fix these days? While many MMOs offer the occasional mech experience, there aren’t as many games that go all-in on that Pacific Rim experience.

But in the interests of a thought experiment and because I have fond memories of slapping five metal lions together to form the ultimate defender of the universe, here are 10 online games that offered or still do offer the thrill of high-tech mech and robot warfare.

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Massively OP Podcast: Episode 14

When a studio is scooped by rumors, confessions, and scanty evidence, there’s no putting that cat back in the bag for a formal announcement. This week Justin and Bree talk about a business model shift, a cancelation, a delay, and a success story… although not necessarily in that order. Also, there’s a brief PSA about the dangers of monitor cords, so pay attention!

Join us on the podcast as we talk about what we’ve been playing in MMOs, the top news stories from the past week, and topics that listeners have submitted!

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Project HON is cancelled by NCsoft

Remember Project HON? It was a giant robot combat game in the Unreal 4 engine, and every trailer released for it looked stompy and beautiful. And now it’s dead, so you should probably use that to temper any sudden spurts of enthusiasm you feel just for that description alone.

The project was reportedly cancelled because of NCsoft‘s determination that there is insufficient interest in the title in the local games market and that the title just isn’t a good fit. The fact that the team was involved with an embezzlement scandal earlier this year probably didn’t help its case, either. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go sing a few verses of a hastily rewritten “Candle in the Wind” thanks to this news.

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Embezzlement scandal hits NCsoft

Three NCsoft employees have been caught embezzling funds from one of the company’s newer titles, a multiplayer mech shooter named Project HON.

The theft, which was measured in “tens of millions of Korean won,” also involved a third-party company. NCsoft has fired the employees and is considering filing charges against them. The company is also conducting an internal audit and has said that development of Project HON will continue as planned.

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