Grab a new-player welcome pack key from IGG’s multiplayer Castle Clash

We can't file this one under MMO, but multiplayer surely: It's IGG's PC-and-mobile multiplayer battle royale Castle Clash, and the studio has dropped a...

Guild Wars 2 features End of Dragons music remixes, fast food promotions

The hype for next week's release of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is very, very real -- and very, very cray-cray. For starters,...

Enter to win a Guild Wars 2 Ultimate Collection, headset, mouse, and art print in our End of Dragons sweepstakes!

In celebration of the impending launch of Guild Wars 2's End of Dragons next week, ArenaNet has kindly granted MassivelyOP an epic prize pack...
Yikes what

Star Trek Online beefs up lifetime sub benefits – and benefits for all

Good news today for both lifetime and regular account holders of Star Trek Online -- your life is about to get a bit better! Cryptic...

Grab an Element Quest promo code for some free cash shop cosmetics

Last week, we covered a new-to-us MMORPG called Element Quest. It's essentially a 2-D sidescrolling MMO with roguelike expedition content that reminded us of...

Enter to win a Nightmare of Neverwinter pack for PC courtesy of PWE and MOP!

Now that Neverwinter's latest module, Dragonbone Vale, is live on PC, PWE has kindly granted Massively OP some fun goodies for our readers to...

Whatever happened to Star’s End?

Star's End isn't a title that crosses our radar a lot these days, but that doesn't mean we've entirely given up on this space...

Grab a Fiesta Online Amatheon Corruption pack to celebrate the holidays

Gamigo's adorable MMO Fiesta Online is in the middle of its winter celebration, and in honor of the season, the studio has granted Massively...
Oh, right, I hate this.

PSA: Apex Legends celebrates SWTOR’s 10th anniversary with a free giveaway

A delayed expansion announcement is probably not how Star Wars: The Old Republic wanted to be celebrating its 10th anniversary, but these things happen....

Grab a key for the Moonfeather Griffin mount for ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained

In celebration of its recent relaunch of ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained in the west, Kakao has granted Massively OP a stack of keys for...

Grab a Grand Fantasia Gaia’s Divine Blessing key and Quill crystals courtesy of Gamigo and MOP

Free-to-play MMO Grand Fantasia is gearing up for the winter holidays, and to commemorate the occasion, Gamigo is granting a stack of nifty keys and...

Snag a World of Warships newbie or vet swag key courtesy of Wargaming and MOP

Free-to-play PC MMO World of Warships turned six years old this fall, with its fifth season of play underway just this past month. To...

Riot Games is partnering with Rihanna’s makeup brand Fenty to promote Arcane

File this one in the bin where I put all the weird cross-promos for a snarky end-of-the-year post: Riot Games is collaborating with Fenty...
And here we just keep going.

PSA: Log in to Guild Wars 2 to get your free unlock for the second chapter of the Icebrood Saga

Let's be honest here, "free" is a pretty great entry point for pretty much anything in the MMO sphere. The next part of Guild Wars...

Snag yourself a Steam key for Lost Ark’s closed beta slated for November 4 [Second batch now gone too!]

Unless you're living under a rock, you know that Amazon is prepping Lost Ark's closed beta for November 4th. And we're guessing you're anxious...

Grab a Grand Fantasia autumn outfit and pegasus mount key courtesy of Gamigo and MOP

Free-to-play MMO Grand Fantasia is in the midst of its its autumn and Halloween celebration, not to mention its brand-new Hauntings of Saphael patch,...

Grab an Aura Kingdom Tanuki Mount key courtesy of Gamigo and MOP

It's been a while since we checked in on Gamigo's Aura Kingdom, a cozy, cutesy MMORPG now under the Gamigo banner. The MMO is...

Elder Scrolls Online offers a free subscription trial for the next week

Have you ever wondered what life is like on the other side of the subscription barrier in Elder Scrolls Online but were too cheap...

Snag a Conqueror’s Blade Siren’s Sons Attire pack key from My.Games and MOP

With Conqueror's Blade's season nine fully upon us and running through December, now's the perfect time to take advantage of the new campaign in...

Dungeons and Dragons Online gives away 48 quest packs, puts expansions on sale

What's better than 47 free quest packs handed to you with no strings attached? That's obvious: 48 free quest packs. Believe it or not,...