The Stream Team: Caves of Landmark’s wonders

As pretty as the scenery can be topside, spelunking is where the action is since all the mobs were moved underground in Landmark. That's...

The Stream team: Soaking up SWTOR’s story XP bonus

Star Wars: The Old Republic is tossing out story XP willy-nilly right now, and Massively OP's Larry has talked MJ into diving back in...

Mo’s Egg Hunt: Deals for May 7, 2015

It's time for another exciting roundup of Newegg's best deals here on Massively Overpowered. These deals are available through the links provided below. Just remember they're...

Mo’s Egg Hunt: Deals for May 6, 2015

It's time for another exciting roundup of Newegg's best deals here on Massively Overpowered. These deals are available through the links provided below. However, it's...

Try out all of the six Avengers in Marvel Heroes for free this month

If you just saw The Avengers: Age of Ultron and got pumped up over superheroes, then you would do well to take that energy...

Mo’s Egg Hunt: Deals for April 22, 2015

It's time for another exciting roundup of Newegg's best deals here on Massively Overpowered. Any Egg Hunt that involves the discovery of robots is...

Win a Skyforge closed beta 3 key from Massively OP [All gone now!]

Skyforge's third beta test begins today, bringing with it two new PvP zones, a new cave area, and a pair of adventures too. Second-round beta...
Lament the loss of tax money while proving you didn't really need that money.

Marvel Heroes puts heroes and costumes on sale for tax season

Wednesday was tax day for people in the United States, a day usually accompanied by a great deal of eye-rolling and tooth-gnashing and money...

Mo’s Egg Hunt: April 16, 2015

When Massively Overpowered first announced its partnership with NewEgg, we promised more from the relationship than just advertising. And we've delivered! You've already seen some awesome giveaways...
Come back! Wait, not yet. Let us fix our collective hair first. It's super messy.

Beta players are welcomed back to a freebie Elder Scrolls Online weekend

The Elder Scrolls Online would like beta players who never bought the game to come back and see the game in its new buy-to-play...

SMITE patch adds Medusa, clan system [Keys gone now!]

The latest SMITE patch is no joke: It features Medusa, whose speed and high burst damage support what Hi-Rez calls a "more assassin-like playstyle."...

The Stream Team: Watch H1Z1 zombies and win a mouse

There's nothing quite as important as gathering all the essentials for living in a post-apocalyptic world -- assuming you want to live, that is!...

Diablo III offers a big boost for the Reaper of Souls anniversary

It's hard to believe that players have been enjoying the first Diablo III expansion for over a year, isn't it? Today specifically marks the...

Massively OP Podcast: Episode 7

Justin and Bree discuss EVE Fanfest, ArcheAge's dolphingate, the PWE/Cryptic layoffs, Elder Scrolls Online's B2P relaunch, FFXI's maintenance mode, Guild Wars 2, and The Secret World, with mailbag questions on Sword Coast Legends and NWN.

MOP Giveaway: Rosewill gaming keyboard courtesy of Newegg

Time to win some free gaming stuff! We're pleased to present three giveaways this week thanks to our sponsor Newegg and its Rosewill store. The first...

Deals: Controllers, programmable keyboards from Newegg

Last week, we told you guys about our sponsorship with software/hardware vendor Newegg. As part of that partnership, Newegg is going to be offering our...

Trion says it ‘missed the mark’ with ArcheAge promotion

Yesterday's revelation that Trion was handing out significant gifts to former ArcheAge players to entice them to return to the game -- gifts in...
Can't imagine why.

EVE Online adds buddy invites to trial accounts

EVE Online, like many MMOs, is best enjoyed with a friend, if for no other reason than to have at least one other person...

Play Trove to earn a RIFT budgie mount

Giant flightless birds make great commute buddies, not to mention that they take the simplest biofuel available. But if you want to get your...

Star Citizen is letting everyone fly for free this week

Fellow players, the galaxy is your oyster this week, for Star Citizen is allowing anyone to test drive one of its ships in the...