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What the heck is Krafton up to this week

Krafton Krafton Krafton. This massive Korean games company has been a whirlwind of confusion over the last couple of years as it's smooshed around...

Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene explains that Prologue is not PUBG 2

Out of the deluge of trailers that were shotgunned into your face during this year's Game Awards, perhaps one that flew beyond your notice...

PUBG Corp. is suing over the Chinese term for Chicken Dinner as Update 28 goes live

PUBG Corp. is back in court, and this time it's suing not another game company or clone but the Chinese bureaucracy itself. As MMO Culture...

MMO Business Roundup: Philly’s Overwatch arena, the PUBG Netease settlement, and GDC’s record showing

Welcome back to the MMO Business Roundup! Remember about a year ago when the battle royale industry started trying to sue everyone into oblivion? PUBG...

Even PUBG MOBILE is getting in on Halloween in time for its real-life event this weekend

PUBG MOBILE has a big update out this week just ahead of Halloween, including some fresh Halloween-themed content and a real-world event on the docket. "Players...

Coming soon: PUBG will finally let players block their most hated maps

Mappety map map maps. Soon you can pick your own map in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and won't be stuck in Miramar. According to PUBG Corp, people...

PUBG Corp sues Netease for cloning PUBG in Knives Out and Rules of Survival

Let the battle royale lawsuits begin! TorrentFreak caught wind of a new lawsuit in California that ought to set all the cloners on edge:...

PUBG, TERA, and A:IR company Bluehole has gone on a shopping spree

South Korea's Bluehole has been busy as the rise of PUBG has filled its coffers. It partnered with Tencent. It's been hiring for TERA's...