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Diablo’s Inaris and Lillith are among the guest characters being sold in Call of Duty Season 6

The current iterations of Call of Duty are apparently going to be absolutely awash in things when Season 6 arrives to Modern Warfare II...
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Overwatch 2 promises regional rollout of moderation features, naming crackdowns, and text chat tweaks

The Defense Matrix posts out of Overwatch 2 are primarily focused on " the cheating, disruptive chat, and griefing issues that negatively impact many...
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Overwatch 2 outlines quality-of-life features and adjustments for competitive players

Now that Overwatch 2 has arguably thrown the PvE monkey off of its back, the devs behind the shooter can get back to focusing...

Destiny 2 opens threads for PvPer input, tests new PvP modes, and promises PvP playlist restructuring

PvP players in Destiny 2 are very often the sort to have opinions, so in order for Bungie to leverage that input without exposing...

Activision announces rollout of AI-assisted voice chat mod tools for its Call of Duty series

Keeping toxic voice speech under heel in FPS games might sound like a Sisyphean effort, but Activision is giving it the old college try...

Overwatch 2 hopes to ‘move forward’ after Steam review-bombing and Invasion update

It's likely been challenging to be Overwatch 2 director Aaron Keller: The hero shooter is still being absolutely browbeaten on Steam, with negative player...
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Destiny 2 director promises more PvP maps and expanded PvP playlist modes after facing player backlash

The PvPers of Destiny 2 were not happy whatsoever with the latest state of the game letter from director Joe Blackburn, who says that...

Overwatch 2 enlists John Cena to hawk August’s PvE story missions – and the associated bundle purchase

It would appear as if Overwatch 2 is going to some lengths to promote August 10th's Invasion update. Blizzard decided to introduce a hacker...
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Overwatch 2 claims that story and lore is ‘incredibly important’ and a ‘key pillar’ of the PvP FPS

How does Overwatch 2 reconcile the culling of most PvE features, confirmation that what remains will be paywalled if you want to play them...

Overwatch 2’s 2023 Summer Games event introduces volleyball and brings back soccer

The summer season has officially arrived to Overwatch 2 as the 2023 edition of the Summer Games event has officially arrived to the FPS,...

PlanetSide 2 continues to tweak implants and construction on PTS and kicks off a summertime event

We're sorry to report to our PlanetSide 2 enjoyers that the game's latest PTS build isn't really working toward anything major. Even so, there...

The Stream Team: Wading into the large scale front lines of BattleBit Remastered

Last week he watched it, but this week MOP's Chris is playing it! What is it, you may ask? It's the low-poly cubic large-scale...

Overwatch 2 recaps Flashpoint, talks balance, and teases next hero

The Invasion update of Overwatch 2 continues to be the topic of conversation for the shooter's director Aaron Keller in his latest dev blog,...

PlanetSide 2 PC tests some new implants, patches in UI updates and bug fixes

Last week saw PlanetSide 2 open up its PTS so players could kick the tires of seven new implants, all of which are being...
Oh, yeah, things are going super, we lied.

Overwatch 2 discusses hero mastery mode, progression updates, new missions, and Flashpoint PvP mode

Yesterday saw the Overwatch 2 team come together in a developer broadcast to call attention to the various features scheduled to arrive in the...

Overwatch 2 talks about Season 5’s upcoming game modes, battle pass tweaks, and correcting ‘stomps’

Overwatch 2's director Aaron Keller is back once again with another dev blog, and as one might expect, it's primarily focused around the recently...

Overwatch 2 brings story missions, hero mastery missions, and a new support hero August 10

While Overwatch 2 has certainly made plenty of gesticulations towards competitive Season 5, a lot of what Blizzard initially claimed as the reason for...
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Fortnite’s latest season adds dino riding, Optimus Prime, and the ‘this is fine’ meme

If that headline isn't already a clue, the new season of Fortnite that was announced earlier this week has a lot going on. And...

Overwatch 2 discusses Season 5 adjustment plans for crowd control, one-shot abilities, and specific heroes

The fourth season of Overwatch 2 is nearing its end, yet already game director Aaron Keller is plotting changes for Season 5, including some...

Gamers successfully work through ARG clues for Bungie’s Marathon and unlock extra goodies

When Bungie unveiled FPS turned extraction shooter Marathon, it wasn't just looking to engage people with a hyper-stylish video; it also kicked off a...