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Massively Overthinking: The real-world value of MMOs

A while back on the MMORPG subreddit, there was a wildly contentious - one might even say transparently provocative - thread declaring that "f...

Neverwinter dishes out a shiny companion and makes tweaks to existing content in latest patch

The newest patch applied to Neverwinter has something special for certain players. If you're among those who managed to earn the Zariel the Redeemed...

Vague Patch Notes: The perils of comparing MMOs to each other

So the other day I read perhaps the worst Tower of Fantasy review I could have possibly read. It was most certainly not the...

The Game Archaeologist: MegaWars, the Star Trek online sim from the ’70s

When we look at the early days of online computer gaming, it shouldn't be a surprise that the geeky crowd that was working on...

The Stream Team: Going on a group Neverwinter Dragon Hunt

Now that Massively OP's MJ has experienced the solo and three-man dragon hunts with Neverwinter devs, she's interested in running them with her D&D...
We have Thanos at home.

Massively Overthinking: What’s so bad about comfort zones in MMOs?

If you've been following the MMORPG meta for a long time, particularly in World of Warcraft, you know there's corner of the industry convinced...
I mean, well, that's to be expected...

Old School RuneScape adds new Last Man Standing rules and unveils a Tombs of Amascut trailer

How do you want to take on the Last Man Standing mode in Old School RuneScape? (Aside from impersonating Éowyn and proudly proclaiming you...

Perfect World’s Jade Dynasty World shares a new video as it prepares for an August 19 pre-alpha tech test

Last month we caught wind of Jade Dynasty World, an updated and open-world version of the classic Jade Dynasty that was sunsetted in 2018....
Yes, it's a bear.

Neverwinter takes Rothé Valley out of the vault today

If you've been eager to head back into Rothé Valley in Neverwinter, you've had to live with disappointment for a while as the content...

Champions Online’s newest event asks players to fight an invasion of literal nightmares

You would think that the physical embodiments of nightmares would know better than to attack a metropolis full of superpowered beings, but that's not...

One Shots: I’m lost in her eyes, send help

Today we need to issue a serious warning about our first One Shots: Those who scroll to the full color image may find themselves...

Perfect Ten: 10 MMORPGs that let you talk to cats

Let's not mince words here: I am a cat person. I absolutely love cats. They are small furry idiots who make stupid yelling noises,...

Star Trek Online fans hold vigil for the late, magnificent Nichelle Nichols

The Star Trek fandom is mourning this week at the news that Nichelle Nichols passed away from natural causes at the age of 89....

The MOP Up: Trove’s Sunrise update arrives on consoles

Trove's new Solarian class is finally available to play on Xbox, Switch and PlayStation, as the Sunrise update landed on those consoles this past...

The Stream Team: Seeing Neverwinter’s space station

At the end of the Neverwinter Undermountain adventure, there was one last expedition that Massively OP's MJ embarked on -- and that led her...

Tower of Fantasy introduces players to its cast of characters and title theme’s lead singer

While the self-described "shared open world RPG" Tower of Fantasy isn't arriving until sometime in the third quarter of this year, that hasn't stopped...

The MOP Up: Astroneer’s trains chug-a-choo-choo onto the Switch

Trains in space? Hey, why not! Astroneer brought the fun of high-tech rail transport to the Nintendo Switch this past week: "Enjoy building rail...

Gearbox shuts down game forums in favor of Discord, but Cryptic’s MMOs are not affected

Back in December 2021, Gearbox's Embracer Group bought up Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic, meaning whatever Gearbox decided to do could possibly affect the...

Neverwinter’s returning Summer Festival awards a surfboard mount and a grill-loving Dragonborn

The summer season will once more descending upon Neverwinter as the game's annual Summer Festival event is on its way back on Thursday, July...

The MOP Up: The Bandai Namco hack

It was a pretty bad week, all things considered, for the folks over at Bandai Namco. The gaming publisher confirmed that it got hacked...