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Swings and roundabouts!

You’ll need to put in about 20 hours in Albion Online to become competitive in PvP

As Albion Online barrels toward a summer release, the crew took to Reddit yesterday for a marathon AMA session to tackle any pressing community...

World of Warcraft Q&A covers legendaries, artifact power, and relics; Blizz nixes 7.2 PvP changes

If you missed it, yesterday World of Warcraft Game Director Ion Hazzikostas sat down for another one of his lengthy community question-and-answer sessions. While no groundbreaking...
Smug twit.

World of Warcraft hatches hippogryphs, expands Nighthold, and continues token madness

The expansion of World of Warcraft's token utility continues to ripple across the entire Blizzard ecosystem, as prices remain high and supply occasionally runs...

Cloud Pirates hits early access and adds convoy mode

Hear ye, hear ye! Pirates are terrorizing the skies with the aid and comfort of ruthless players! So-called "early access" has ushered in an...
No gods, no masters.

Chronicles of Elyria might fatten up your character

Chronicles of Elyria is nothing if not bursting with interesting little ideas that you don't often see in other MMOs. One of these, apparently,...

Star Citizen cracks the code of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence isn't merely being thrown into Star Citizen because of its futuristic theme but because the tech is essential to how the game...

Ashes of Creation unloads 25-minute Q&A video

Now that the cat is out of the bag on the existence of Ashes of Creation, the team is charging forward in sharing its...

ArcheAge Q&A covers fresh start servers and its future roadmap

ArcheAge players have no shortage of questions about the game these days, particularly post-Revelation. To answer some of these, Trion Worlds took to the...
Why did you keep going?

Crowfall Q&A tackles skills and ‘big world’ testing

As 2016 comes to a close, Crowfall finds itself in pre-alpha testing involving the so-called "big world." At this point the community has many...
Everything's going fine.

H1Z1: Just Survive gets a dedicated team and fix-it leader

New H1Z1: Just Survive General Manager Landon Montgomery is attempting to show that his leadership will see a more open and forthcoming Daybreak with...

Conan Exiles answers questions about its upcoming early access launch

With Conan Exiles' early access launch just around the corner, you can better believe that the community has a mountain of questions about the...

World of Warcraft’s post-BlizzCon debrief

It's safe to say that Ion Hazzikostas has emerged as the face of World of Warcraft's development team, particularly following his rundown of all...

This exclusive ArcheAge Revelation art Q&A covers dwarves, mythology, and beer

Last week, Trion revealed that the western version of ArcheAge will soon get the 3.0 Revelation update first announced for Korea last summer. The massive update...

Star Citizen answers questions about its $750 ship

You'll have to forgive us, but we are still recovering from the news that Star Citizen is selling a new virtual spaceship for a...

The Black Death team has at least one mystery class up its sleeve

Do you trust Q&A sessions over Plain Jane dev diaries, if only to hear the team field questions that you might like to know?...

Crowfall team answers dozens of community questions, confirms beta 1 players will test this year

Crowfall fans are in for a long, tall drink of information this weekend, poured straight from the minds of creators J. Todd Coleman and Gordon...

Brad McQuaid: Pantheon will put the ‘E’ back in PvE

Time to feast on the bounty of a rich Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen AMA on /r/MMORPG, courtesy of creator Brad McQuaid. Yesterday, McQuaid...

Snail Games’ Dark and Light reboot is ‘technically classless’

After hearing that Snail Games is resurrecting the long-dormant sandbox MMO Dark and Light, we are sure that you have many questions. Heck, we...
So... who's buying?

Life after death in Crowfall

What happens when you die? As long as you're limiting this question to Crowfall, ArtCraft said that players have a choice over their afterlife destiny....

The Reliant and Caterpillar will be Star Citizen’s next hangar-ready ships

Pulling together a game as complex as Star Citizen involves so many moving pieces and topics that it's almost impossible to wrap your head...