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Crowfall’s devs talk about zergs, movement, and promotions

You've got Crowfall questions? Well, ArtCraft's devs have Crowfall answers! Oh, sure, maybe not to every last little query that pops into your information-starved...

Yes, you can punch camels in Conan Exiles

Funcom knows that its fans have one overriding concern when it comes to the upcoming Conan Exiles: whether or not players will be able...

Crowfall devs on stats, emotes, and chat bubbles

Have a spare few minutes in your day to exchange for a little Crowfall enlightenment? Creative Director J. Todd Coleman and Lead Designer Thomas Blair...

The Secret World lays out sweeping PvP changes

The Fusang of tomorrow might be strikingly different than the version of the city today, at least in The Secret World. Funcom said that plans...

Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts on hobbies, patch sizes, and bacon farming

Don't lie: You know you want to know what Chris Roberts likes to do in his spare time when he isn't manning the Star...
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Crowfall on experimental design and ship dates for crowdfunded MMOs

In January's Crowfall Q&A video, Design Lead Thomas Blair and Founder/Art Director J. Todd Coleman discuss Crowfall as an "experimental project." So many game design...
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Eternal Crusade: There are holidays in the grim darkness of the future

If you learn nothing else this morning, know that there are holidays in the grim darkness of the future. This means that as much...

WildStar’s lead writer answers pressing lore questions

Carbine Lead Writer Cory Herndon fielded dozens of WildStar questions this past weekend, most of which had to do with the lore of the game. The...

PlanetSide 2 may give players a continent to settle

The future of PlanetSide 2 is racing toward the community at a rapid pace according to a new developer Q&A that was hosted on Reddit yesterday. One...

Albion Online’s newest dev answers community queries, snaps at EVE trolls

Albion Online is surely milking its acquisition of Game Designer Matt Woodward for all its worth. After Albion heralded his arrival with a level...

Ex-City of Heroes devs answer insane number of lore questions

The now-annual City of Heroes "Loregasm" is complete, with ex-developers Matt Miller and Sean McCann delivering another wealth of insights into the late, great...

The Secret World Q&A covers mission design secrets

Do you ever wonder just what goes into making one of The Secret World's hand-crafted missions? The dev team opened up about the process...

Path of Exile has plans for ‘years’ of expansions

A rather extensive (and we do mean extensive) Path of Exile developer Q&A revealed that the game and studio is growing nicely. "There are...

EverQuest Next severs ties with Storybricks

Daybreak continues to trim its asset portfolio, as the former SOE studio has cut loose artificial intelligence software company Storybricks from the EverQuest Next...