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ArenaNet answers a slew of classic Guild Wars questions

Guild Wars 1 may have been supplanted and largely deemed obsolete by its sequel, but rest assured, there still exists a multitude of fans...
That is definitely a thing.

RIFT team tackles Prime server Q&A

Have questions about next month's RIFT Prime server? You and everyone else, buddy. With the rapid rollout of the progression server ruleset, Trion Worlds...

Dark Age of Camelot lays out the groundwork for new and more frequent RvR events

Another week, another grab bag community Q&A with the Dark Age of Camelot development team. This edition's pressing issue was the promise of more...
Oh no, a MOTH

Final Fantasy XI plans its August update following a community AMA

Since Final Fantasy XI has moved into maintenance mode, it's been receiving monthly patches to give players more content to play through, adjustments to...

Crowfall’s devs talk about zergs, movement, and promotions

You've got Crowfall questions? Well, ArtCraft's devs have Crowfall answers! Oh, sure, maybe not to every last little query that pops into your information-starved...

Crowfall devs on stats, emotes, and chat bubbles

Have a spare few minutes in your day to exchange for a little Crowfall enlightenment? Creative Director J. Todd Coleman and Lead Designer Thomas Blair...
That's a nice throne. Mind if I war over it?

Crowfall takes on the fine degrees of separation between bow users

You are not your weapon in Crowfall. Just because two archetypes use a bow in the game doesn't mean that they play the same....

PlanetSide 2 may give players a continent to settle

The future of PlanetSide 2 is racing toward the community at a rapid pace according to a new developer Q&A that was hosted on Reddit yesterday. One...

Ex-City of Heroes devs answer insane number of lore questions

The now-annual City of Heroes "Loregasm" is complete, with ex-developers Matt Miller and Sean McCann delivering another wealth of insights into the late, great...

The Secret World Q&A covers mission design secrets

Do you ever wonder just what goes into making one of The Secret World's hand-crafted missions? The dev team opened up about the process...