Diablo IV’s launch event is stirring up controversy – and it hasn’t even started yet

With Diablo IV's head start kicking off Thursday evening, the race will be on to see which players are crazy and dedicated enough to...
Not a great sign.

Activision-Blizzard’s diversity and inclusion goals are out of sync with its corporate action

Activision-Blizzard has released a full-year review of its diversity, equity, and inclusion stats for 2022 this week, and the first thing readers will notice...

The Daily Grind: Do you play humans or non-humans in most MMOs?

A while back, I saw a thread on Reddit about how most MMO players pick humans, and questions like this always startle me because...

Corepunk’s class options expand to include the Mercenary, Pain Reaper, and Warmonger

Have you settled on a class to play when Corepunk's beta arrives? You may want to reserve judgment until you read the full reveal...

Fortnite is hosting the We the People panel on race in America for the Fourth of July

Fortnite is a dance floor, a murder simulator, a concert hall, a movie theater, and now, a home for serious discussion: Epic Games is...

NASCAR driver botches yet another online iRacing esports event

It would appear that NASCAR drivers are no better than the worst esports gamers among us. An iRacing esports event with NASCAR drivers --...

Crowfall details a quartet of its racial disciplines

Your choice of race matters in Crowfall. Not simply in the sense that it affects your options when it comes to character classes, although there's...
Oh, good crop of nightmares this year.

Dungeons & Dragons Online adds wood elves and cloaks with today’s update 40

Look out, Dungeons & Dragons Online players, there's some sort of fluttering piece of fabric chasing after you! We're just kidding, of course. It's...

The Daily Grind: What race or species have you never seen in an MMORPG?

A week or so ago, Justin penned a popular Daily Grind about the non-humanoid races/species that always seem to be relegated to "minority status"...
Well, there are woods. There might be an elf or two in there.

Check out the animations and look of Dungeons & Dragons Online’s Wood Elf

A new race added to an existing game like Dungeons & Dragons Online is a big deal, and it leaves players with lots of important...

Pantheon newsletter previews fall pre-alpha test, delves into Skar race redesign

Visionary Realms has released the latest newsletter for its in-development high-fantasy MMO Pantheon, in which the devs highlight some of the game's latest developments...
Come hell or high elf.

Crowfall previews the armor of the High Elves

The next alpha version of Crowfall will allow players to try out the High Elf race, which means that it would be a bit...
This seems like more of a half-move.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth turns on Dark Iron Dwarves and Mag’har for character testing

The first batch of the second wave of allied races are available for testing now on World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth's alpha test....

World of Warcraft confirms that Mag’har Orcs and Kul Tiran Humans are joining the allied races

The rumors and speculation are true, according to the most recent World of Warcraft live Q&A. Ion Hazzikostas revealed that both Mag'har and Kul...
she's got the look

The Daily Grind: Are MMO developers obligated to give new stuff to all factions at the same rate?

So World of Warcraft is bringing us another allied race in the form of the Mag'har (uncorrupted Orcs, don't you know). We haven't had...
Tricks and trade.

Pantheon’s State of the Game touts pre-alpha and Elves

"Pre-alpha." By far, this is the focus of Pantheon's February state of the game post by Creative Director Chris Perkins, who reports that the testing has...
I suppose this is a problem I'm happy to complain about.

World of Warcraft’s allied races are an account-wide unlock — and here’s how you can get them

With Battle for Azeroth a ways down the road for antsy World of Warcraft fans, a lot of attention from the community has settled...

Check out the starting cutscenes for the first four Allied Races in World of Warcraft

When are the first four Allied Races arriving in World of Warcraft? They're a big feature of Battle for Azeroth, but evidence increasingly points...

World of Warcraft’s second Antorus wing opens for the raid finder as allied races are datamined

So, what sort of World of Warcraft information do you find most interesting? Because there are two different flavors available. If you're the sort...

WoW Factor: World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth’s allied races, the knockoff factor, and future hopes

Every so often, when I can think of no better introduction, I put some genuine musing into the opening of What Are You Playing....