Bungie reduced direct communication with players over ‘real threats’ to devs

It's becoming clear that Destiny 2 developer Bungie is experiencing a problem with playerbase toxicity - readers will recall that the studio is taking...

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight nerfs Dracthyr’s soar speed, but here are some mounts to make up for it

World of Warcraft's newest race isn't going to be quite as zippy as early Dragonflight testers found. This is because Blizzard is nerfing the...

Villagers and Heroes’ most recent update revamps the Arcane Rift of Pyrron and marks midsummer

Last time we checked in on Villagers and Heroes, the devs were talking up its fourth season of raids. Since that time, there was...

Lost Ark’s August and September roadmap promises a pet ranch, Machinist class, and a new legion raid

The months of August and September will bring pet stuff, a guy in sentai armor, and a fight against a creepy clown to Lost...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go’s August is an ode to Hisui and full of mysteries

There's a lot going on in Pokemon GO, and it's not waiting for August to start. As we noted for July, Niantic is holding a Hisui...

Massively Overthinking: Is old-school MMO dungeon-camping ever coming back?

A while ago on the MOP Podcast, Justin and I randomly wound up on the topic of camping in MMOs - not pitching a...
Anybody wanna do a mage?

Vague Patch Notes: The many flavors of ‘boosting’ in the MMO genre

The other day MOP's Bree and I were having a discussion about boosting. This is not entirely unusual, but it was unusual insofar as...
We have Thanos at home.

World of Warcraft explains how its itemization and drop rates will work in the upcoming fourth Shadowlands season

With the last content patch for Shadowlands firmly in the rear-view mirror at this time, World of Warcraft is trying something different for the...

Lineage II: Aden opens up its core raid event today

It's important to remember that Lineage II: Aden is the version of Lineage II that is focused a little more on solo play because...

Perfect Ten: Useful excuses for ditching an MMO dungeon run

I'm not saying that MMO dungeons are boring or anything, but when you start one, you've kind of committed to seeing it through --...

Lord of the Rings Online community calls SSG out over stealth nerfs

A follow-up patch to last week's Lord of the Rings Online update made a few improvements to raid groups and allowed players to actually...

The Stream Team: Attending all the Cantha events in Guild Wars 2

Massively OP's MJ just barely missed getting a Guild Wars 2 turtle egg from the End of Dragons mega raid, so she needs to...

Global Agenda is still online and active half a year after its surprise return

We were all pretty surprised by the return of MMO shooter Global Agenda, which came back from the dead first as an off-the-cuff server...

One Shots: A face only a mother could love

One does have to consider that even the ugliest critter or most disgusting raid boss had a mother who, at one time, cuddled and...

WoW Factor: So what’s the actual prediction on Dragonflight’s quality?

I was briefly considering doing another math column now that we actually have a date when World of Warcraft: Dragonflight started alpha testing, but......

RIFT fansite posts detailed timeline of the Gamigo era

With RIFT now in its 11th year of live operation, fans no doubt have concerns and questions about the game's future under Gamigo's dubious...

Wrath Classic testing shifts to Death Knight experience, arena battles, and raids

While the rumored Wrath Classic prepatch and experience bonus has yet to arrive, WoW Classic players can take solace that the testing process is...

Dungeons and Dragons Online opens the Skeletons in the Closet raid for Isle of Dread owners

Facing the skeletons in the closet is taking something of a more literal meaning for certain players of Dungeons and Dragons Online today as...

The Stream Team: Killing and dethroning gods in Final Fantasy XIV

It's raid time once again in Final Fantasy XIV as MOP's Chris brings some of his friends along to take on the 24-player Aglaia...
The yeller.

Perfect Ten: The subtle differences between World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV combat

It's the little things that get you when you weren't paying attention, according to Jim Infantino (and Jim's big ego), and this is true...