Wisdom of Nym: Optional and mandatory content in Final Fantasy XIV

One of the things that I've long held up as a strength of Final Fantasy XIV is that it is designed to allow you...

Old School RuneScape previews its Tombs of Amascut raid

If you're a regular follower of developments for Old School RuneScape, you have probably seen the many, many, many preview posts for the upcoming...

One Shots: Under an alien sky

There aren't many MMOs that genuinely make you feel like you're on some sort of unknown planet instead of an analogue to Earth, but...
Super, neat, somebody will be impressed.

World of Warcraft: Classic brings Naxxramas to Season of Mastery on July 28

If you have a deep and long-standing love of invading Kel'thuzad's crash pad in World of Warcraft, you're probably going to be among those...

Swords of Legends Online opens new raid and heads to the beach for its first birthday

No, you're not just seeing things: Swords of Legends Online's Realm of Hallucinations is live this week. The raid zone is "a realm connected...

Guild Wars 2’s summer roadmap teases Steam, July 19 update, and next living world episode

As promised, ArenaNet has delivered Guild Wars 2's roadmap for the rest of the summer today, starting with the revelation that the third episode...

Old School RuneScape shares release windows for the Arena and new raid, previews quest speedrunning

The latest Gielinor Gazette out of Old School RuneScape is a newsletter of two halves: The first half is about what has come out...

Old School RuneScape discusses Amascut raid, player bans, and game modes as the Arena soft launches

The devs of Old School RuneScape came together last week for a roundtable discussion about several topics, and for those of you who missed...

Swords of Legends Online’s next raid is full of horrifying demons

Hot on the heels of last week's update, Swords of Legends Online has previewed its next raid: Demon Battlefield. This 10-to-20-person raid asks players...

Diablo Immortal shows off new Helliquary raid boss and second battlepass

If for some reason you're still engaged with Diablo Immortal in spite of its being repeatedly exposed as a brutal cash grab with gameplay...

Aion EU swaps out PvP battlefields for the Hero Battle system and adds a button that grants a level 80 toon

How do you answer the problem of balance in PvP instances? If you're the EU version of Aion, you effectively remove player-built characters out...

Wisdom of Nym: Reactions to Final Fantasy XIV’s live letter and 6.2 preview

The first live letter previewing a new patch is always a little weird for Final Fantasy XIV, and this one is especially unusual. See,...

Fractured Online details the mechanics and rewards of guild vs. guild seasons

Ah yes, the guild vs. guild competitive scene. It's something of an expected and routine feature of PvP sandbox MMORPGs, and the in-development Fractured...

Aero Tales Online is an anime MMORPG set to arrive to Steam early access on August 2

No matter how big or how small, we're here to cover 'em all. That's our creed on this site when it comes to MMOPRG...

Secret World Legends holds its anniversary event while a livestreamer hosts his own event for TSW

It's time once again for the anniversary event of Secret World Legends to shuffle along for another year. Those who have experienced anniversaries past...

One Shots: This griffin knows what you did last summer

Greetings! We'll kick off today with this Guild Wars 2 pic from reader Don, who said, "I took this screenshot of my Human Engineer...

Massively Overthinking: Is MMO class balance achievable – or even desirable?

This past week, a chunk of the endgame-focused Guild Wars 2 community was up in arms over the profession balance update and the perception...

WoW Factor: Looking at Dragonflight’s release schedule with math

It's been a really long time since we've gotten to have some math up ins. You know by this point that I really like...

Lost Ark’s Wrath of the Covetous Legion is set to launch this morning

Happy patch day to everyone but the remaining Lost Ark bots! Yep, Amazon is pushing out Wrath of the Covetous Legion, Lost Ark's June...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go’s Community Day is still more about catching than community

Pokemon GO finally gave us a good pokemon to catch for Community Day, and I'm happy about that. Really. Had this been 2019, it could...